Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon Game Review

Guardians of the Galaxy

To celebrate the release of Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Marvel Entertainment has launched a tie-in game called Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon, a good game that captures the spirit of the film, as well as providing good game experience. In the game Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon you have the motley […]

Bike Rivals Review For Android and iOS

Bike Rivals

Bike Rivals is a popular Android game from Miniclip. Bike Rivals is a physics based motocross where you get to run through exciting terrain, all the while pulling stunts impressive game. Bike Rivals is about accuracy and speed. Go fast but safe. It’s time for some extreme off-road racing bike rivals. You guys are going to […]

Swing Copters Game Review For iOS, Android

swing copters

Creator of the famous game Flappy Bird Dong Nguyen drew his game a single attempt, addictive and fiendishly difficult markets Android and iOS after it exploded in popularity earlier this year, is now back with a new assault on their ability of attention: Swing Copters. Also Read: Mighty Adventure Review, Bellyfish Review For iPhone and Best Games […]

Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed Review For iPhone, iPad

Zombie Highway

No doubt this is the quick thrill game you are looking for. But please, remember you have to drive carefully. Zombie Highway, an animated corpses leave your car as you drive through a desert highway, just received an update that adds two new modes and three new weapons. But if you’ve been playing as an […]

Mighty Adventure Review For iPhone, iPad, iPod

Mighty Adventure

Mighty Adventure ($ 0.99) per pixel Trap is a dynamic combination of plat-former and endless corridor which makes it more attractive and addicting. Features similar to other recent games such as Beyond Gravity and Sonic Jump Fever graphics platforms. However, it differs greatly from game, which is not entirely a broker endless. [Best Games Like […]

Age Of Fury™ 3D Game Review For iPhone, iPad, Android

Age of Fury 3D

Age of Fury 3D is the latest in entertainment and is a product by Destiny Development Group LLC. The review includes developer’s description, customer ratings, reviews and screen shots. Age of Fury 3D is a strategy game with elements of PvP for those who miss the epic battles and material glory. It is so much fun […]

Best iPhone, iPad Apps For FIFA World Cup 2014

ESPN FC Football & World Cup

The 20th FIFA World Cup is heading to Brazil between June 12 and July 13, 2014. This will be the 20th FIFA World Cup, a tournament comprised of international men’s football. It will be the second time Brazil is going to host this big competition. The former being in 1950 with 32 participants from 13 […]

Best Note Taking Apps For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


Apple iPhone and iPad are exclusive note taking device if you use the right applications on them. If you have trouble remembering important tasks or just want to take note of their ideas as they come to you, no one can’t be as sincere friend as your iDevice. Best Note Taking Apps For iPhone and […]

Transport Tycoon Easter Update For iOS, Android

Transport Tycoon

The only reason Transport Tycoon does not seem totally foreign to us is because it is so familiar. This is a game about creating lines of railway and road transport. I’m pretty sure there are too many people around the world who go to bed at night dreaming about train schedules and other minutiae of […]

Best Apps For iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


Apple releases a new version of their operating systems for mobile devices every year. 2014 is the seventh year since the first iPhone and by end of last year we received iOS 7. We know that iOS 7 has completely changed the look of interface. With the new iOS you must have some new apps […]