Best Addicting Games For iPad

Apple released its first version of iPad tablet in 2009 and after that till date there is a storm of tablets from all companies in the market. According to various surveys, by end of this decade, there will be more number of tablets in the World as compared to computers, which will definitely comprise more Apple iPad devices. Now with the introduction of iPad and even Android tablets, the concept of gaming has changed completely over the mobile. We can already see a lot of people around us either carrying tablets or smartphones. The possession of a tablet device is a blessing and can be fruitful in passing time. Addicting games are not only for killing time, instead they waste your time if you are busy and this is what you want from an addictive game.

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Best Addictive Games For iPad

Different users have their own opinion. I have seen people who hate many games which are top rated over the World hence the list can never be perfect one. We have tried our level best to come up to the expectations, however, you comments are welcome for feedback if there is some improvement required. There are many top rated games on Apple App Store of all genres but any top rated game cannot be addictive also. Keep this point in mind while looking at the list below:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

When you talk about addiction, how can Angry Birds by Rovio can be avoided. The game has several parts and all are more than addictive as compared to each other. Obviously some have got a better rating while others are comparatively rated lower. Angry Birds is very simple to understand in which some piggies have a frontal war with birds. You being on the weaker side (as birds) have to attack piggies making different kind of trajectories. In order to get the three star rating, you need to have maximum killed with fewer casualties.  When your bird is fired upon a pig, it is also lost after destroying your enemies or at least causing the structural damage. All you need is to kill all the pigs visible in each level making use of common sense and some trajectory skills which you are going to learn with the passage of time. If still you are among those users who haven’t given a try to Angry Birds following are the editions available for download from Apple App Store:

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs zombies

This is the most controversial entry among all others. It is actually a very long game and it’s not for everyone being different in genre. Now once you start first level of first part, the game may irritate the kind of people who want some instant entertainment. Despite all these facts, the Plants vs Zombies is one of the most addictive games on touch platform. It was launched in 2009 for the first time with a number of updates and since then, it has got huge number of followers. The release of second part of a game from developer (PopCap) is a clear indication that previous version has gained all the attention and has delivered most of its juice to the players so it’s the time for some new fun to begin. I still remember finishing this game in few days once I started playing it, and same was the case with thousands of players, so isn’t it we call addiction. Addiction doesn’t come by playing a high-speed game only.

Temple Run

Temple Run

Temple run has three versions and all are equally addicting. The different version of Temple Run is Brave by Disney that is also generally of the same type. Temple Run is actually a running endless game in which your character has to run away from for saving his / her life from shrieking flying baboons by dodging it making several moves and tilts like jumps or slides. All you need is to look and think a little bit ahead of time. After sometime of game play you will feel that you are master of this game with the hunger to conquest more and more. This is what I call addiction when you play the game repeatedly on the device in order to gain more points. The basic aim is to save your life with earning of more points. As you go ahead, the things will become difficult for you but they the grip of game will also hold you more towards it. There are several upgrades that you need to unlock while moving forward. These upgrades can be acquired via In App purchases but it is not recommended because charm of earning through hard way is much more.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

The cute interface of this game might take you away for a while thinking it to be a very friendly game but actually these cute looking creatures are little monsters who are going to give you a real tough time from the start. All you need is to deliver candy to Om Nom by cutting various ropes and overcoming puzzles. Cut the Rope takes you through six-time period of ages and in each level the duo of monsters will ask for a careful plan on how to feed the pair, making use of numerous multitasking gestures, simultaneously cutting ropes and pushing buttons. If you have a lot of spare time to waste somewhere, don’t do it, instead play this game, you will have good time planning. You are going to like this game in case you are a fan of puzzle genre otherwise its a trash. There are several version of Cut the Rope you can select anyone:

Where’s My Water

Where's My Water

Should we call it an addicting game or interesting game? I think it has both the qualities as once you start playing, it becomes difficult for you to leave the device at least until you have not finished a chapter. Some may disagree, but I can bet it as one of the most addictive games. In Where’s my Water app, you have a simple looking task to provide water to a cute little alligator till his shower to make him happy. Initially with three stars, the game levels appear to be like piece of cake to you but after few levels, you will be battling with sand and other toxic material to reach over there. It is yet another puzzle game but more interesting than simple other games. Puzzle games actually a real cause of addiction. Where’s My Water has been reviewed previously by us over here. You can download it depending upon the device you are carrying using the links given below:

Spy Mouse

Spy Mouse

Spy mouse is a great game with a concept closer to Tom & Jerry cartoons scenario. If you have ever given a thought to control the mouse according to own imaginations, this game is most suited for you. Don’t expect to see a great graphical 3D style interface rather the game is played on 2 dimensional screen. You have to solve puzzles in by making mouse to acquire cheese without getting caught by Cats which are roaming around in the area like soldiers. Generally the cats walk in a pattern so planning is not very difficult but game becomes a real addiction after some stages as the level rises and you have to face more challenges.

Spy Mouse HDDownload Link

End Notes Best Addicting Games

The question here arises that why people have become so addictive to their devices. I think you know the answer, that there are quire a large number of games which have really changed the dimension of mobile gaming. You cannot even live without playing those games. There are several types of games that keep you busy throughout the day like social games. Still the great apps keep you in constant mood to play and finish the stage to find more challenge. If you are fond of sports games, I have options in the shape of Addictive Golf games.

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