Age Of Fury™ 3D Game Review For iPhone, iPad, Android

Age of Fury 3D is the latest in entertainment and is a product by Destiny Development Group LLC. The review includes developer’s description, customer ratings, reviews and screen shots. Age of Fury 3D is a strategy game with elements of PvP for those who miss the epic battles and material glory. It is so much fun to act as a valiant commander and conquer the neighboring lands. You can play this game with your friends for free. You can make either include them in your forces or fight with them in the battlefield. Its a full time family fun game.

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Age of Fury 3D

In this online strategy game for iOS devices, you can build your own small village in amazingly detailed 3D graphics. Defend yourself with cannons, catapults, magic and more against the hostile troops. Build your own army and attack the enemies of the campaign or play in PvP and attack other players for more resources and successes. Place your troops on the battlefield, see their struggle and learn from it to improve the tactics.

Age of Fury 3D

It will build your city by adding and improving structures, all directed by armies marching into the enemy base to destroy buildings and steal resources. There are missions against pre-generated bases, as well as an online feature that allows you to test himself against stronger players-built. Your army is completely controlled by the AI, once it has been implemented, and the real challenge of the game is to design a well-balanced attack force and deploy intelligence during the skirmishes, timed fast. Each of dozens of units in the game has a different system of priorities, Knights fell at the enemy defenses, thieves running supply caches, and miners that focus on the destruction of enemy fortifications. Unfortunately, since you can not control the units once deployed, can be quite frustrating to see how the military is spread too thin and collected one by one. This frustration can be mitigated with better equipment design and implementation. [Agricola Game For iPhone, iPad, iPod Review]

Age of Fury 3D

All уοu dο, troop training frοm tο improve structures takes time – hοwеνеr, уου саn tο spend mana instantly complete construction time. And whіlе уοu саn obtain tiny amounts οf frοm mana completing challenges, іt’s tο bе really thought рυrсhаѕеd. Alѕο, thе building саn sometimes gеt ridiculously long – fοr example, improving barracks wіll mу take 10 hours, during whісh I саnnοt train soldiers аnd thus саnnοt continue tο engage opponents. I сοuld thіѕ fοr complete instant mana ѕοmе, bυt now fοr аrе mу hands tied. Thе game іѕ essentially own holding hostage the expected fοr mе tο spend іt οn ѕοmе real money – οr build a second barracks, whісh wіll аlѕο take time. And οf course, thеrе іѕ an unfortunate requirement “always online”, although іt feels less arbitrary game ѕіnсе уοu spend ѕο much οf time participating real opponents.

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Age of fury 3D is a fun family game that you all must enjoy, despite a few flaws. Don’t worry about spending your money on this game as Age of Fury 3D works hard to earn your money through their fun visual effects, engaging combat, and spontaneous unique gameplay.

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  • Masalasoft Apps

    Great Game, awesome Graphic design!

  • Cynthia Avey

    game is broken have contacted the developers on facebook but they never answer me ever at all, been a long time now this game needs to be fixed or remove it off apple store…

  • Cynthia Avey

    yeah at the wrong game to report a bug, but loved this game.