Agricola Game For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Review


Agricola has been a strategy board game with the largest audience since its premiere in Germany in 2007. With the development of new technologies, it is understandable that a mobile port is being Agricola. In 2011, Playdek and Lookout Games Agricola jointly announced to bring iOS as iOS universal application in the winter of 2011. Unfortunately, the iOS version was not released as planned. After being delayed and rescheduled, the iOS version of Agricola managed to launch in the App Store on June 13, 2013. If you take this as a big problem, you can download this famous game on their iOS devices with a starting price of $ 6.99. [Read: Warhammer Quest Review]

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Game Story

Agricola is a game about raising his family and running a farm in the late 1600s. Really. No zombies, no spaceships, and definitely Lovecraft’s horrors. Surprisingly, this issue worldly works, and works doubly well in the digital version, with the introduction of Playdek. In this game you run a farm. As well as trying to bring in enough crops to make sure your family don’t starve you need to keep ahead of your opponents, you also build your own farmhouse and you can also earn victory points by raising animals.



The larger the family, the more actions you can take per round. The score is the number of points you accumulate. The one post points after 16 rounds, you go home as the winner.

If you can not find any other players, you can also test your skill as a single player against the computer. Otherwise, Agricola can play with up to five players. Prerequisite for online gambling is an account. Agricola is a turn-based game, played in six stages and 14 rounds. On a turn, players place a family record in a location in the city in order to gather resources or take action to improve their farm. The growth of your family gives you more shares, but means you have more mouths to feed! The player with the most productive and advanced farm at the end of 14 rounds wins. Victory points are awarded for the number of fields and pastures that have as well as for crops and animals. Additional points are awarded for the extension and renovation of the family home, by the number of family members, and played Occupation and Improvement cards. Players lose one point for each unused farmyard space.


Even without a solid multiplayer experience, Agricola is a lot of fun. The strategy is complex, but the game is easy to learn. It’s a shame you can not have more fun playing real human beings.

It is a universal game for iPhone and iPad while the price is $6.99 initially which may be reduced at later stages. Your device must be having iOS 4.3 or above in order to enjoy this game completely.

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