Best Apps to Detect WiFi Hotspots on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The need for searching WiFi around you comes desperately to your mind when you are out of home or office. There may be a need to open a website and you are carrying a WiFi only Apple device so the only option left with you is to search for WiFi connections near you all around. Now the thing is that most of the WiFi connections these days are secured with password and you need to be lucky enough to get some unsecured network access for free.

These apps are more suitable for hot spots which can make things simple for you. Now there are some apps specially designed for detection of WiFi facilities around the device you are using.

Best Apps for WiFi Detection on iPhone

Remember that there can be a large number of detection tools apps on Apple App Store which can perform the same job. The thing which makes it best is less price with more output.


Auto Wifi

Auto WiFi is a great application which stores your access information and there is no need to open a Web browser to get into your WiFi networks. The best thing about this app is that it saves your data completely for each hotspot or WiFi facility and logs you in automatically once you go there again. For the first time login you will have to enter the data yourself manually and there onwards your life become very simple. Once the application is installed, it automatically replaces the built system of WiFi detection so there will no problem of overlapping. There is a Lite version of this application also which forgets your access information on every 4th login. So we recommend you to use paid version of this application. [Download Link iTunes]

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder

Do you find to find which is the closest WiFi location from your own location and how to reach the nearest WiFi hotspot using map so this Wi-Fi Finder is the app. There are lot many  options which can be applied to WiFi hotspot search such as you can filter restaurants, cafeterias or other public places. Also you can narrow your search by filtering service providers. [Download Link iTunes]

Easy Wi-Fi for Trustive

Easy Wi-Fi for Trustive icon

This app can help you to find out of 180,000 all over the World. The app comes with 30 minutes of Free of time as a trial. Otherwise you can top up the account tapping same button from with in the application. There are no hidden costs and it can be used in more than 130 countries. So y0u can also go for this application without giving a second thought. [Download Link iTunes]

Easy WiFi

Easy Wifi icon

Easy WiFi keeps a track of all the access points you keep on using and logs you into them automatically every time it is required. This app also supports a lot many paid networks and can add any of that you use that aren’t in it. [Download Link iTunes]

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