Best Dora Apps for Kids on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The best way to teach students is to incorporate education apps on your devices. If you own iPad, iPhone or even iPod Touch there are a lot many apps which help you to teach many dry subjects to children in a better way. Dora is the most favorite cartoon character of toddlers and many under 5 years of age kids. She has done kind of magic over them and once she is either around on TV or some game, children do not compromise on anything. Some of the best apps which include their favorite cartoon character Dora in the form of game or her actual education stance have been selected here. These Apps are for iOS and if you own iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, these apps can save a lot of your effort.

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Dora the Explorer Coloring Adventures For iPad

Dora the Explorer Coloring Adventures! icon

A coloring game for iPad based on Dora character for kids. The problem with iPhone users is that this game is only available for iPad users. Your little explorer can choose a background, add characters to the scene, then touch the screen to apply colors. There are dozens of Dora-themed characters and several backgrounds to choose from. [Download Link iTunes]

Dora’s Ballet Adventure

Dora's Ballet Adventure icon

Dora’s Ballet Adventure is a kind of workbook for very young kids. You have to work according to instructions provided by your character Dora on every step. It is very difficult to rate such application which is designed for very young kids as kids like them and we might hate them or otherwise. You never know which effort can make your kid happier along with some learning as well. There is less of learning and more graphical fun in this app. The app is designed for both iPad HD version and iPhone / iPod Touch [Download Link iPad, iPhone]

Dora’s Dress-Up Adventures

Dora's Dress-Up Adventures!

The best one in the category of Dora Apps as it is not a book rather a game. the name of this app indicates that you have to dress up your favorite character in a new form for every different level. There are many ways in which you can dress the little girl depending upon the kind of expected adventure. The game is available for iPhone as well as iPad on Apple App Store. [Download Link iPad, iPhone]

Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure

Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure

It is the top rated book which has a lot many options for your kid to explore and learn. Any app is recognized better by the reviews and this book enjoys a large number of great reviews by many people. This interactive episode brings the experience of reading, watching and playing together in one fun-filled App. Join Dora as she helps Swiper get on Santa’s nice list and as they travel through time to learn the true spirit of Christmas. [Download Link iPad, iPhone]

Dora ABCs Vol 1, 2, 3

DORA ABC vol 1

Now this is what I call a true educational app series. As parents you will have satisfaction after using this series for kids. There are three official versions of this Dora ABCs application. In my opinion if you want to teach something to your kids start buying this series one by one or all three at the same time. If your kids are little elder or younger than these apps, you may buy other listed over here as well. First volume is regarding Letters and Sounds, second volume is Rhyming Words while the third volume is Ready to Read. All these app are universal so they are equally compatible with iPhone and iPad. [Download Links Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3]

Dora & Diego s Vacation Adventure

Dora & Diego

Dora and Diego Adventure Holidays app is designed for a little older kids with age 4 or above in place for little sticky fingers. This app was also promoted through TV show and I also came to know about it via TV. Kids are emotionally attached with this Dora and other guy Diego as they keep watching TV all day long so gives a feeling of addiction. The application is based on the challenges, puzzles etc, which are not easily overcome by children under 3 and a half years of age. [Download Links iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]

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