Best Formula 1 Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Formula 1 is the most important and watched car racing based sporting event. FIA is responsible to host and select the venues for the complete season. Every year a new calendar is announced before the termination of ongoing season. The huge fan base of this sporting event keep on waiting for the racing season even when there is a break. Each driver has got a huge fan circle all over the World. It has been observed that the region from which the driver belongs does not matter for having his fans rather there are other reasons for his popularity.

To keep you in touch with the latest developments in the World of Formula 1 there are some apps available on Apple App Store. Some of the apps provide you real time information and picture of the ongoing race right at your device screen. Besides the apps which provide you real time updates or something related to that there are certain apps which every racing and especially formula 1 fan must have on Apple iOS Device.

Best Apps for F1 on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

As there are a large number of apps for any other subject such as Top 7 Best Basketball Scoreboard Apps, 5 Best Free Apps for EPL and Best MLB Major League Baseball Apps, similarly there are a large number of apps related to Formula 1 Grand Prix whereas out job is to select the best ones out of those for you:

F1™ News HD

F1™ News HD

Do not think that this application is for iPad only by looking at HD title. Keep yourself current with latest and authentic Formula 1 news on the respective devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The news updates from any team by any linked source are received on regular basis 24 hours a day. [Download Link iTunes]

F1™ 2013 Timing App

F1™ 2012 Timing App icon

Another application  (updated every year) for the F1 fans which is official version to provide you the track timings of your favorite drivers on the track. You can get the real time Formula 1 basic information on your devices either iPhone or iPad while on the move. This app offers you a lot such as easy access of information such as latest news, driver and team stats, race information and schedules, standings and latest results. But as this universal app is from official providers and Free of cost so expect less of rumors and more of news. But if you can afford and are a real fan of the race, buy the app given just below which is the paid version and offers some great features. [Download Link iTunes]

F1™ 2013 Timing App CP

F1 Timing 2013

If you ask me which is the best Formula 1 Application among all others and that provide you a kind of feeling that you are watching the Live Streaming of Formula 1 on iPad, iPhone or iPod. Actually this app does much more than this and is all in one comprehensive app for some real serious and dedicated F1 fans all over the globe. With this app you can access live timing and track positioning on screen with fully interactive 3D maps for all Formula 1 sessions over weekend, during the entire 2013 Formula One World Championship season. The best thing about this app is that is official application so there is no doubt left about its quality. Live Timing data is streamed directly from F1 management.  [Download Link iTunes]

Formula Racing 2013 Premium

Formula Racing 2013 Premium

Formula Racing 2013 Premium is simply the ultimate mobile application for the F1 Racing fans whoa are interested in knowing a little more than others. This application provides you with details information for all the 2013 races with exclusive live commentary, top stories, results, schedule, standings, drivers / teams / circuit info, and many more. [Download Link iTunes]

GP Motorsport Quips and Quotes

F1 Quotes icon

This application is a great source for providing you the latest as well as old quotes in the field of Grand Prix which includes not only Formula 1 but also NASCAR, MotoGP, Indy Car etc. These quotes are for those fans who really want to get the detailed information on the F1 history in the shape of quotations by senior drivers and old champions (including the latest ones). The app is designed in a good shape and decorated with pictures with quotes. The universal app also contains some great quotes said by commentators at memorable occasions so this app is an asset for F1 fans containing all the historical events of F1 at one place. [Download Link iTunes]

Best F1 Games For iPhone and iPad

F1 2011 GAME™

F1 2011 Game

It is unjustified if you are a Formula 1 Grand Prix fan and do not play F1 game on your respective device. According to most of the surveys, people prefer to play racing games on iDevices because of easy simple controls. This is the reason that there is a large number of top car racing games on Apple App Store. The universal app / game contains the introduction of newly built track of India with all 19 tracks and 24 cars for the 2011 Formula 1 2011 championship season. [Download link iTunes]

F1™ Challenge

F1™ Challenge icon

F1 challenge (Read review here) features all the officially licensed cars, drivers and teams of the current F1 season, but with a top-down aspect rather than the 3D racing view of the console titles. Players can take part in a variety of challenges and modes, including Time Trials, Duels, Chase the Ace, race events and shorts Grand Prix challenges featuring 12 cars on track at the same time. [Download Link iTunes]

Best Calendar Apps for iOS Devices

There are some of the applications which are specially designed to provide you calendar details. Advantage of calendar apps is that you get more detailed and colorful information.

F1 Calendar

F1 2012 Calendar icon

You have to add all the Formula 1 races in current year to your Calendar and don’t miss a race including practices, qualifying and final races of the season. This app is updated with all new calendar every year. [Download Link iTunes]

Race Calendar – F1™ 2013

F1 2013

A highly featured app and comprehensive app which is loaded with a number things such as Live Race Timing, race results, team standings, detailed profiles, Calendar itself, standings of drivers with points and results with much more. If you have this app, there is no need to have any other one on device. [Download Link iTunes]

Race Calendar HD

Race Calendar HD icon

A universal app which fulfills the basic requirement of F1 calendar and the most interesting part is that it contains calendar for all important racing events. So if you are a grand prix fan then it is one of the most useful app for you. app for all kind of important race calendars. If you are a Formula 1 fan, there are likely chances that you are a fan of other racing formats. [Download Link iTunes]

Calendario F1

Calendario F1 icon

A universal App for calendar of Formula 1 in multi-language including English and Spanish where each scheduled race is shown with track data. The app is for iPhone and is compatible with iPad. [Download Link iTunes]

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