Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for iPhone, iPad

When I came to know for the first time a couple of years back that heart rate can be checked with the help of iPhone or iPad, I simply said that it is not possible and just a marketing tactics by Apple to attract a more customers. It was just a first reaction as I am not a doctor but same will be reaction of people who come to know about this capability of iDevices for the first time.

There is no doubt that a large number of apps have been developed and available on App Store for monitoring your heart beat per minute. Some of the apps are dedicated for this sole purpose only but some of the apps performs multiple functions such as physical fitness, heart fitness, calorie count, maintenance of your physical performance charts and many more. Most of the apps have this disclaimer in which they declare that apps are not intended for diagnosis or for clinical measurements, monitoring or decision making. Measurements and statistics are provided for entertainment purposes only.

Mostly the data provided by these apps is accurate but as the apps are for entertainment purpose so if you suffer any medical or health problem especially related to heart then you must not rely on these apps.

Below are some apps which are only for iPhone but compatible with iPad.

Instant Heart Rate – Heart Rate Monitor by Azumio

Instant Heart Rate - Heart Rate Monitor by Azumio icon

This app uses iPhone camera to measure your heart rate. All you need to do is that place your finger on camera for a couple of seconds and heart beat rate will be shown. This application uses a technology in which camera detects heart rate with pulse inside finger tip. There is no need to place whole finger on the camera rather you can place your finger tip on it, rest of the detection work will be automatically done by the app itself. This app is used to keep the track record of your heart rate while resting as well as your heart rate while training to ensure you are getting the desired output from your work out efforts. Exact calculation of BMI satisfies you everyday and this app does it. [Download Link iTunes]


Heart-EKG icon

Another good application which makes use of iPhone camera for determining your heart rate. This app can also calculate your heart beat per minute (bpm) when you use it to take your pulse. It is a very good app for the users who want to check out their maximum limit heart rate once doing exercise. Many fitness freaks want to checkout their physical fitness standards during and after exercise and this app is going to fulfill the requirement. Once the app is in your iPhone, there you can check it out anytime you want, for addicts, even after taking cup of black coffee you can check your heart rate. The app maintains a log for your information which is a helpful source to know that what was your heart beat on so and so date / time. [Download Link iTunes]


BeatMonitor icon

A simple to use app for all type of people who want to check up their heart beat per minute anytime during day or night. This app also makes use of iPhone microphone to determine your heart rate. All you need is to place your iPhone microphone over any of the vain near your heart area or wrist followed by start button press. But remember to locate your vain accurately otherwise this app will not work and you are not going to get any results. Also remember to place it over vein without clothes to get the results and press it firmly on vein. [Download Link iTunes]


iPulse icon

This is a simple to use and to the point application which accurately performs the function of monitoring heart rate. There are a lot many nice reviews about this app which makes it rate better on Apple App store. You can monitor target heart rate as well as resting heart rate with calculator provided. The best thing which people like about iPulse is its simplicity to use for an ordinary user. This app can be used during exercise also. [Download Link iTunes]


iRunXtream icon

iRunXtreme is a comparatively different type of application as compared to simple heart rate monitors. It performs the same functions as others but has some more interesting features included in package somehow of the same category. This app is basically can be categorized as a fitness app especially designed for professional runners but can also be used for bikers and long distance walk. It maintains a record of your laps, distance covered with flexibility to measure in kilometers or miles (as per your choice), pace of running, performance, heart rate during and after running and in the end it calculates your overall performance chart.

Measurement of heart rate per minute requires the same procedure in which you have to locate your vein. This app uses microphone to check up heart beat per minute which is to be placed on the vein. [Download Link iTunes]



PusleFinder is a great application with a large number of features of loaded in itself for the purpose of physical fitness.I would not be wrong in saying that this app is all in one package for fitness freaks because it almost covers up everything for your fitness needs. Some of the important functions besides heart rate monitoring are Real Time Calorie Counter, Training Zone Meter, Real Time Chronograph and Detailed Profile with some useful Calculators for BMI, calorie counter and body fat. Now these are the things which are maintained in your profile and this app lets you to know what about detailed history related to your fitness. [Download Link iTunes]

Heart Fitness

Heart Fitness icon

Heart Fitness app is Free of cost and performs same function of checking your heart rate per minute making use of camera. The icon of this app has made it very clear that what procedure is to be adopted on camera. You can not only check your heart rate but also determine your physical fitness with this app. This application is a very simple tool for everyone to get the latest picture about heart fitness.

We know that a large number of people suffer heart diseases all over the globe so there is a need to be in knowledge about the fitness of your heart all the times. We also know that there are people who keep themselves fit but suffer diseases while on the other hand there are examples who do not take extra step in their life but never faced any heart problem. There is nothing better than an iPhone application which gives you an idea about your heart fitness any time you want. [Download Link iTunes]

12 Fitness Calculators

12 Fitness Calculators icon

As the name indicates this application is also much more than only a heart rate monitor. But all these apps withe additional functions are either directly or indirectly related with heart performance. This app contains 12 important calculators making it one of the most useful package for those who are really serious about maintaining their physical fitness in all respects. These calculators give you so clear picture about your health that you do not need to visit doctor for routine checkups.

Some of the important calculators in this app are BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), Percentage of Body Fats, Calories burned daily, Calories required per day, distance covered/ time / pace of your workouts performed on daily basis, Target Weight Calculator, Target Heart Rate Calculator and many more. Such a comprehensive package in a single app is very difficult to find. Also make it a point that you start making your profile so that you can come to know about the progress as well as deterioration in your physical standards. [Download Link iTunes]

Universal Apps Heart Rate Monitors for iPad and iPhone

Some Universal apps for the same monitoring your heart rate are given below. They are compatible with iPhone as well as iPad:


Cardiograph icon

Cardiograph is one of the top line and highly rated app for monitoring your heart rate per minute. Primary function of this app is to measure your heart rate. You make your detailed profile and for others as well. This means that using this app, you can maintain heart fitness profile for your all family members. Another important advantage of Cardigraph is that you download / purchase it once and then you can download it on all devices you own. The health charts and data can also be sync on all the devices at home.

Remember that Cardiograph app also uses camera to monitor your heart rate by taking pictures of your finger tips, which makes it similar to any professional equipment for heart rate monitoring. [Download Link iTunes]

Vital Signs Camera – Philips

Vital Signs Camera - Philips icon

This app also performs your desired function but is compatible with devices iPhone 4S and higher or iPad 2 and higher. The operating system to make Vital signs camera work is iOS 5 or above. This app makes use of iPhone / iPad 2 camera to monitor your breathing rate as well as heart rate from a distance. Philips app has made a breakthrough in heart rate measurement with Apple Apps in which  now there is no more requirement oft make physical contact of the device with your body.

There is an advanced software which was used in development of this app which detects the minor changes on face which are caused by heart beat. These changes are not visible through naked eye but are the advanced app makes use of iPhone 4S and iPad 2 camera to detect and monitor heart rate. If you want to impress someone with iPhone or your iPad, this is the correct app to show. [Download Link iTunes]

Health: Target Heart Rate (THR) Calc HD

Health: Target Heart Rate (THR) Calc HD icon

Those who want to get into the details about their during exercise that how much they have exerted, this app contains the best package for them. Target heart rate helps you in determining your maximum heart rate while. If you think that your heart beat is more than usual, this app will let you know that everything is fine or not. The best way to avoid exerting too much or less than what is required is the most important thing you need in physical fitness.

Heart is a very sensitive organ of your body which should be dealt with care. You must keep your heart rate within desired limits and an application which lets you monitor it while performing is the most helpful tool you can have. [Download Link iTunes]

Beat Monitor – Real-time BPM analyzer

Beat Monitor

The best app out of all above comes here at the last which is actually very expensive and accurate at the same time. It provides automatic beats-per-minute detection using computational music analysis algorithms. Audio recorded by your iPhone/iPod/iPad is analyzed in real-time resulting in very high precision bpm results. No tapping is required. This is essential app for professional DJs. [Download Link iTunes]

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