Best NFL Football Games for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Top games lists are very important for those who are searching some new apps for passing good time. We have already made some important top games list especially sports games such as Best iPhone, iPod Games for Tennis Lovers, Best Ping Pong Table Tennis Games and Top Best Free Tennis Games.

Football or NFL is one of the most favorite sport among others. Same goes for game application on any console if developed with good care. Once people like Football so much so there are a lot many game applications developed for the fans of same sport. Most of them are dedicated for NFL fans which take you to the real NFL environment.

Best NFL Football Games for iPhone, iPad

Madden NFL 25 by EA SPORTS™

Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25 is an officially licensed product, so all of the NFL franchises and requisite big-name players are represented here. The graphics are crisp and satisfying throughout, and there’s a lot to like about the menu navigation. Past these points, however, things start to fall apart quickly. [Download Link iTunes]

NFL Quarterback 13

NFL Quarterback 13

As in previous editions of the series, the new game that puts you in the position of team’s quarterback of your choice, and you will customize the player from the start with a small variety of functions, such as the name and number on the jersey, as well as skin tone. By playing well and gaining popularity, you can further personalize your player, team, stadium, and more. [Download Link iTunes]

NFL Kicker 13

NFL Flick Kicker

NFL Flick Kicker is back for the new NFL season, and now it’s released at NFL Kicker 13. The game is a lot like the original, but with enhanced graphics, refined controls, and new IAP options. When you start the game, you can play as any one of the 32 NFL teams, and then you get to kick field goals and punt the ball with your name on the back of your favorite team’s jersey. The game features three game modes with consecutive field goals, coffin corner punting, and time based field goals. [Download Link iTunes]

American Football: Guns & Balls

American Football: Guns & Balls

You start the game stationed between the goal posts with a rifle in your hand. In order to prevent your opponent from winning, you have to shoot their ball out of the air as they kick field goals. I’m pretty sure that there are people reading this who have harbored a secret wish that they could one day do the very same thing. If anything, it would make Monday night football more entertaining. [Download Link iTunes]

Football U

Football U icon

In the game you are the star QB and you have to run your offense, pick your plays, target receivers, and ultimately make a perfect pass. Nail completions and score touchdowns.  The only bad side is that it is not a universal app so there is no special version for iPad. [Download Link iTunes]

BIG WIN Football 2014

BIG WIN Football 2014

Unlike the other card-based games on this list, Big Win Football doesn’t boast an NFL license or real-life player images. That might sap the intrigue for some players, but it allows this free-to-play affair to take a decidedly more cartoon like and customizable approach. You’ll still assemble a team and upgrade players, but there’s a lighter tone to the action here. [Download Link iTunes]

iQuarterback 2

iQuarterback 2 icon

What more you want if you get a Football game on your device with some fun features added in it. In iQuarterback 2 you have the chance to take your game to all new level. The best thing about the game is that you have the option to play online with friends through game center. [Download Link iPhone, iPad]

Real Field Goal Flick

Real Field Goal Flick

For all real American football fans! Place yourself in a stadium environment and see how many field goals you can kick. Think you have what it takes. This field goal kicks game has been made using a realistic engine. [Download Link iTunes]

Flick Kick Field Goal 2014

Flick Kick

Kicking field goals and extra points can be an exciting element of football, especially since a person’s golden foot can occasionally dictate which team wins or loses. Add weather conditions and the kicker’s temperament into the equation, and suddenly field goals are almost as exciting as scoring a touchdown. Flick Kick Field Goal 2014 attempts to show us that kicking can be fun and exciting, and since it’s a free download, how could this app possibly screw it up? [Download Link iTunes]

Football Hero

Football Hero

Your goal in Football Hero is to throw and catch a football, which is pretty straight forward. You’ll be running in a straight line for as long as possible down the field, avoiding tackles by jumping and speeding up. There are upgradable skills to give you more of an edge, but it’s basically about timing and reflexes. See how far you can run and catch that ball for a successful level and enjoy 50 different missions and 11 achievements. [Download Link iTunes]

 Pocket Passer QB

Pocket Passer QB icon

A great app for Football fans on iPhone and iPad which is a universal application with 3D graphics. There are 15 difficulty levels which can be unlocked by gaining some trophies or scoring big. The game offers natural and fluid throwing motion  which allows you to hit any target over the field. The game offers a lot of addiction for users and I can confirm here that even if you are not a football fan you will definitely like it. There are some interesting modes in the game to drag further your attention such survival, frenzy, practice and career. There is a Free version of this game also but I would recommend the paid version because of better rating. [Download Link iTunes]

NFL Pro 2014: The Ultimate Football Simulation

NFL Pro 2014

Control every aspect of your NFL team through the Management system: Hire players, upgrade their skills and put them on the path to glory. Upgrade your stadium to increase your income, and practice your favorite plays to optimize your team’s performance. Choose from 200 plays that you can now permanently learn. [Download Link iTunes]

GameTime Football with Mike Vick : The Ultimate Quarterback Challenge

GameTime Football

GameTime is a four-on-four football game in which you have so much control, you’ll be surprised at all that you can do. You’ll get to suit up as the franchise quarterback and take your team to the field in order to see which team shall reign supreme as the best in the land. The game sports ultra-responsive passing controls, and the ability to spin, jump, juke, and burn your defender should you take to the running game.  [Download Link iTunes]


Kickoff icon

Do not expect a real time game play but this 2D style universal app game is going to become your addiction depending upon your priority. The game is all about dragging your fingers and dart between the defenders of opposing team. You really feel like as if playing in reality. Taking ball to the end may not be as easy as you think but this is the challenge which will force you to try repeatedly. [Download Link iTunes]

PocketSports Football HD

PocketSports Football HD icon

PocketSports Football HD is a universal application designed with 10 unique teams, 16 defensive and 32 offensive plays for iOS on Apple App Store. Controls of this game are simple in which you have to tilt to run and touch to pass, but don’t think that you can win the game easily. [Download Link iTunes]

Robot Football

Robot Football icon

Another high rated game and I am sure that most of you have no idea about this one. Not a classical NFL Game but related to football genre that is why it was also included in the list. It is a universal application and Free of cost which adds up in its rating. There is also Ad Free version which costs you $2.99. It can be played with any random player in multi player mode online which is the best part. [Download Link Pro version, Free version]

Ultimate Football Fantasy…Gametime™ pro 2014

Ultimate Football Fantasy

Ultimate Football Collection is a collection of 200+ facts and quotes about football which you can share on twitter, facebook and email. Updated frequently to include more trivia. Updated for iOS 7, 6, ipad 3 & 4, and iPhone 5, 5s, 5c. Ultimate Football will energize the hidden Football fan in you. [Download Link iTunes]

Dead Field Massacre: A Zombie Football

Dead Field Massacre

Those zombies or those guys are supposed to catch the football and score touchdowns. These football players, cheerleaders and coaches are now infected zombies walking the Dead Field. Now these fans are in a run for their lives, while being offered as much protection as possible from non-infected refs and area police. Download this free game to play the role of brain eating zombie and take down as many yummy fans as you can! Collect awesome brain-like powerups, and enjoy this beautifully designed game. [Download Link iTunes]

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  • fatslip

    i had access to test every app and any time for iphones and ipads and madden 12 is the best app ever, i still use a ipad 1 to use it, saddest thing is they discontinued it and it was absolutely the best of the best, i use a 1000 dollar old ipad 1 just to play this game daily, i must of played over 200 seasons, things take place like the ball bouncing of the chests of linebackers while blocking punts, field goals to things like off one player and unto another, even of peoples helmets, every team have their players and moves, its just so cool, the dallas cowboys atleast win with their skills here, too bad they are not doing well atm, this game should conitnue like it is , the best i ever played