Best Photo Album Apps for iPad to Store Images in Beautiful Folders

Photo album is a thing which keeps your memories altogether in a very good form. You can always take a look at your old photographs while there is nothing else to do and now most of the people have stored their memorable photos in computers. As the iPads are slowly, steadily taking over most of the tasks which were previously done on PC so photo album is not lacking behind here on them. As you have seen a lot of beautifully designed apps which are helpful in daily routine, so expect photo album apps in similar way also.

Best Photo Albums for iPad

There are some apps specially designed for keeping memorable photographs on iPad with breath taking interface. You can keep your personal memories in them stacked as per your wish. As there are many apps which serve the same purpose so there are some difference of features in them. Select any of them as per your wish:

Album App

Album App icon

A beautiful app with a lot many unexpected features and a must have for a professional photographer and also for the normal users who want to keep some pictures in a stacked manner. This app is totally Free of cost but if you ever wish to decorate it with some themes then they will be made available via some cheap In App purchases. Album App lets you add text, objects, backgrounds, and themes to your albums. These options are all quite limited, and not always logically thought out. [Download Link iTunes]

Photo Shack Pro

Photo Shack Pro  icon

It is one of the professional photo stacking app on iPad. You can simply stack your photos without any fear on your existing photo album. Now what it does is that it manages all your Libraries, your Albums, your photos in your own desired way, without any photo duplication. If your photos are in a large quantity it becomes a huge headache to take out the duplicate out of them. [Download Link iTunes]

Photo Albums HD

Photo Albums HD icon

Photo Album 3D provides you with Spectacular and gorgeous app to organize, edit and share your photos. Photo Albums HD give your photo library the WOW factor. It is a simple a nice way to arrange your large quantity and different types of photos at one place. [Download Link iTunes]

Photo Slideshow Director HD

Photo Slideshow Director HD icon

Photoslide show takes you a step further in case of managing your photographs. When you have to see either yourself or want to show pictures to your friends or family members, the best way is o show them making use of slide show feature if available. It is not a new feature but I personally used to feel difficulty in showing photos to anyone on Laptop but now the problems are over with tablet device. Slideshow manages your photos in selected categories as you require them which is the desired feature. There are many other features in this app which add more to its quality. [Download Link iTunes]

Photo-Sort for iPad

Photo-Sort for iPad icon

The name of this app is enough to tell you that what kind of app is this. While you are on a trip or on the road and no computer within reach, don’t wait to be drowned in a flood of photos or videos, or to forget where they were stored, organize them and name them directly on your iPad with Photo-Sort. Photo Sort for iPad simply keeps the pictures in desired folders without making a mess. This is the most simple app to manage and organize your photographs. [Download link iTunes]

Focus Point – Photo Albums Manager for iPad

Focus Point

It is not a typical photo album app but its related to our subject. It gives you an attractive and convenient photo manager. You can organize your photos by creating new albums right from the app. You can also edit titles and add captions, which is very useful when you need to find your photos later. You can zoom into your photo thumbnails by using a pinch gesture, which is typically used to navigate inside an album rather than increase the size of the thumbnails. [Download Link]

AR Album

AR Album icon

It is one of the top rated apps related to photography but at the same time you will not find it at several places may be due to little more price. AR Album is sleek, elegant, cool and high tech way to organize your GPS tagged photos. For the photographic traveller this app is a beautiful, informative and essential requirement to keep the things in proper order.  Remember that this app is for professional or seasoned photographers who love to keep huge piles of pictures and want them in some good order. [Download Link iTunes]


iAlbum icon

It is another great app which is top of the line in its genre if compared with others. If you wish to give your photographs a completely professional and elegant look in beautiful albums then this app is for you. Album turns your iPad into a beautiful, fully functional, virtual photo album, complete with realistic page turns, album cover, linen pages, and photo corners. It is available in 2 forms, portrait as well as landscape. [Download Link Landscape, Portrait]

Photo Album – Photobook

Photo Album – Photobook

Another great photo album app especially designed for iPad users. Tablet can become a very good photo album if you make a right choice once purchasing album application. This particular photo album app is the latest addition in Apple App Store. This app will definitely overcome all those issues which were there in previous versions. This all new app comes with variety of options included such as creation of photo album on GPS based locations which adds another good reason for extensive photographers to go for this application. Some features include, amendments like photo editing, creation of folders, showing of photos on maps with location information etc and many more like other good album apps. [Download Link]

None of these apps ensure privacy but if you want to add further privacy to your albums and personal photographs then have a look at Best Apps to Password Protect your Photos on iPad. Besides these apps also take a look at other Best Panorama Apps and ClearCam App.

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  • Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the awesome list… you can also add Photo Album – Photobook let you create the albums on your iPad. Photo Album is the most unique and advanced photo book and album creating app.
    Check out!!!
    Download from

    • Julia Fernandes

      We have already mentioned your app in this post 🙂

  • David

    Nice list of apps.. I am personally in favor of Photo Album… Really nice app! Great works!

  • Shrinivason

    A few minutes ago I downloaded “Photo Album – Photobook”. This is a new app comes with a variety of options included such as creation of photo albums on GPS based locations which adds another good reason for extensive photographers to go for this application. Some features include, amendments like photo editing, creation of folders, showing of photos on maps with location information etc. And many more like other good album apps.

  • Ron

    Just out is instaAlbum 2.1. A great looking virtual photo album that runs off of the iPad photos library folders you ask it to. Lets you pick covers, photo corners, even photo pages, and stays in sync with your iPad photos library folders. Best of all, it doesn’t duplicate a single photo. Works with both photos and videos. Provides realistic follow-your-finger page turn animations. A really beautiful and intuitive way to share photos on your iPad as if it was your “real” photo album.

    • Julia Fernandes

      Dear your app is not there on itunes rather its only for Android. This post is specifically for iPad.

  • Private Person

    If you want to showcase your photos in the most beautiful and natural way possible, try iAlbum IIP. It’s free, and based on the previous 2012 #1 rated iAlbum app with lots of options for beautiful album covers, pages, and photo corners to make your photos look great. You can find it at