Best Toy Story Games, Books and Education Apps for iPhone, iPad

Disney is always there to entertain people especially kids. As far as the Apple Apps are concerned, Disney has taken extra care by releasing a lot of apps for them out which some story books come top of the line. Most of the stories by Disney are kind of fantasies and are same which even elders used to read during their childhood. Best Storybook apps for kids by Disney which we have covered a few days ago contains all important characters less Toy Story and some others.

Disney Toy Story Mania

Best Toy Story Apps For Kids

Toy Story series has a lot to offer for children. We will not go into the details about the animated movie series rather will talk about the apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you have arrived here, we are sure that you must be having some background information about Toy Story. Toy Story Apps on Apple are not by Disney only but there are some other developers who have made their contributions. Also remember that these apps also include some games as well as storybooks but definitely these apps are for kids only:

Toy Story Read-Along (iPad Only)

Toy Story Read-Along icon

A free app for iPad only in which you meet Woody, a cowboy doll which comes to life when kids are not around. When the owner of these toy characters, Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear space ranger on his birthday, Woody and other toys rightly judge that they might be replaced. Woody makes a plan to get rid of Buzz by backfiring but as a result he ends up lost in the World outside Andy’s room, leaving Buzz with him only. Now the real story when toys make a plan together to find way back to Andy and discover the meaning of true and long term friendship. [iTunes Link]

Toy Story 2 Read-Along

Toy Story 2 Read-Along icon

It is also a read along app that means storybook. In this story Andy goes to Cowboy Camp and Woody gets toy-napped! while Buzz Lightyear and all other toys decided to rescue their friend and move for him before he is shipped off to Japan in a museum. In this action and adventure style story, Woody learns that all the past and new friends are to be kept forever. A high rated app as a storybook, good time pass for children. [iTunes Link]

Toy Story 3 Read–Along

Toy Story 3 Read–Along icon

In continuation of the first two parts, third part is Toy Story 3 read along which is also very good. The app is latest in Toy Story books from Disney and claims thrice fun as compared to the previous versions. While going through the storybook, there are some other options for you to explore such as tapping over an image to get the 3D view, also tapping the stars to have surprises and like other great Disney Storybooks, it also contains mini games while reading. [iTunes Link]

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 icon

Toy Story 3 game by Walt Disney in which you have to discover some new toys, carry out new activities and take on the new adventures. An app which is a package in itself to let you download a toy box full of free, premium games, pins, and greetings. The official website can also be opened from within the app. This app also lets you to have the latest movie information, watch trailers etc. [iTunes Link]

Toy Story 3: Operation Camouflage

Toy Story 3: Operation Camouflage icon

Reason why every other Toy Story app is with serial number 3 because Toy Story 3 is the latest sequel in the series. It is a story of same series of plastic army men and the app is included with occasional voice work from well known drill-sergeant turned-actor R. Lee Ermey. Looking at the quality of graphics in this game you will simply say, outstanding. Still photos to be explored within the game are of the same quality which is found in the movie.story of the series plastic army men, complete with the occasional voice work from everyone’s favourite drill-sergeant-turned-actor R. Lee Ermey. A wonderful game by Disney and whatever they have done, the environment shown in the game look closer to the movie by Pixar studios.[iTunes Link]

Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania icon

toy story mania is a gallery shooting game (with no violence) based upon the Toy Story films, as well as Toy Story shooting gallery esque ride at Walt Disney World. Those of you who have been to Disney world physically must have seen this shooting gallery. This game copies the ride so closely that whosoever will take a look at it while playing will definitely comment, this is what we did at the Disney World. No worry to buy this game as it provides you the perfect package for the kids. [iTunes Link]

Toy Story 3 Memory Match

Toy Story 3 Memory Match icon

Think why every other app is related to Toy story 3. The movie was released in 2010 after 2nd sequel which is the best so far in animated movies. Toy Story 3 was another great super hit but could not come up to the level of Toy Story 2. However, many apps with its name were developed including games. Toy Story 3 Memory match is a basic matching game where you just have to flip over cards and match the pairs of identical images. It is a very simple game and is really targeted only towards young children. [iTunes Link]

Toy Story Showtime!

Toy Story Showtime! icon

So let’s have some education and learning from Toy Story character with this app which is a Learning interactive storybook designed in a way to explore reading concepts for the kids. In this app the kids are to join the Buzz Lightyear as he is ready to impress Jessie the Cowgirl in a talent show. Your reading skills will be improved as the Buzz tries his luck starting from comedy to juggling and you will discover whole new vocabulary words. [iTunes Link]

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