Clumsy Ninja Review

Clumsy Ninja is the most happening ninja ever to grace a touchscreen.  After first showing up at the iPhone 5 media occasion in September of 2012, intelligent allowed to-play application Clumsy Ninja has at long last hit the U.S. Application Store accompanying an October delicate start in Singapore. Maladroit Ninja is allowed to play, however it holds things that could be acquired for genuine cash. You can toggle these buys on/off in the “Restrictions”  menu on your mechanism. It has been upgraded for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPod 5, iPad 2, 3, Mini and the iPad Air. Requires iOS 5.0 or above. Clumsy Ninja is launched by Natural Motion Games.

clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja is a gift for players of nearly every age and demographic. Natural Motion Studios showed everyone that they can make a game that is cute, nice and full of variety. Clumsy Ninja is perhaps their first game, which is totally new habitual endurance racing genre. You will be presented a ninja newbie (the main character), which is basically shit on almost everything and is a total disgrace to the community of the deadly ninja. Its mission is to ensure that the character learns the art of becoming a master ninja in training him throughout the game.

 clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja gives you a chance to instruct a child ninja to walk, move, hop, and at long last punch and kick. Having the clumsy person in your control is a considerable measure of fun as he staggers and falls initially,  just to turn into a smooth-moving warrior later on. With marvelous movements and an incredible material science model, Clumsy Ninja is one of the best intelligent character diversions we’ve seen.

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To present how the character could collaborate with the client, Reil flaunted the ninja being tickled with a plume, to which it responded by running off and covering up behind a tree.

The application incorporates more than 70 interesting things, incorporating choices like trampolines and punching sacks. There are likewise some diverse areas to search, characters to meet, recreations to play and journeys to finish. Ninjas might be redone with suits, cinchs, headbands and photographs could be imparted to companions. As per the engineers, Clumsy Ninja utilizes an unique recreation innovation that is intended to furnish ultra practical developments and communications.

clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja consolidates ragdoll physical science, permitting the users to communicate with an on-screen ninja in an assortment of ways. Clumsy Ninja is the first diversion on touch units to ever utilize the Euphoria reenactment innovation – processing the most convincing character you’ve ever seen. Clumsy Ninja is available now and can be downloaded from the App Store for free. Hope you will enjoy!


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  • Jake Cake

    i can really see this game being popular amongst children but not really adults. It is fun the first few hours but gets repetitive after awhile. Kinda reminds me of Pocket God. Characters almost look the same but on a larger scale. You can read about more similarities at this Clumsy Ninja Review