Garfield’s Wild Ride Game Review For iOS, Android

Hope you all remember a lazy lord named Garfield cat. Thee coolest cat is here for some fun on almost all your devices in shape of new game named Garfield’s Wild Ride. The game was released on 27th of June 2013 for iOS as well as Android smartphones and tablets. The game has been released by Namco which is of endless genre. In this game the fat cat will be made to fly down the streets of Garfield’s hometown, grabbing gold and gobbling lasagna might be with a thought of reducing the weight of this character.

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Garfield’s Wild Ride game play will make you think of somewhat closer to Mad Dragon, a recently released game reviewed by us over here. Unlike the Garfield’s nature, you are going to face a fast paced game with some quick actions to follow. Interestingly, the Garfield will keep running but you are going to notice that he has leaned, how to fly by now. So you have the option to make him fly in the air for quite sometime during the game. You can move the character to fly up and down over the screen. He can be moved up by making use of finger on touch screen of device while can be brought back down by just lifting the finger away from. The more you move forward with cat, you Garfield is going to find more coins, lasagna and some bonus items. The bonus items in the game which must be highlighted are, Big Odie, Super Garfield, Super Skate, and Super Pooky. Each of these four bonus items have special features to make the game more interesting.

Garfield's Wild Ride

You will recognize Big Odie, who is Garlfield’s oldest friend, roommate and victim at most of the times. Big Odie is here in the shape of bonus who comes as a giant version. Both the characters run down for a few seconds and collect everything available in their path.

Super Garfield makes the fat cat with a superior power of grabbing some gold coins around him. This power doesn’t make the cat invincible, rather the same power can be lost just by a simple impact on any obstacle.

Third power is Super Skate. As the name indicates, this power makes the Fat cat on a skate board hence no flying is involved. The skateboard runs at a super fast speed giving ability to jump over the crates and grabbing of low-flying lasagna.

The last one is Super Pooky and once it is activated, security bear draw coins to Garfield like a magnet, which makes it much easier for you to collect more gold.

Garfield's Wild Ride

Like in other games, the coins are used for getting upgrades and to buy different outfits from the App Store. You have the option to change the look of Garfield Cat by giving him a new hat, rainbow glow and even a new pretty dress. You can also make use of coins in order to unlock some new locations like Jungle or tropical island, increase the speed of Super Garfield or more seconds for Big Odie run. In short the game play is simple to understand and with many interesting upgrade options for users. The downside of Garfield’s Wild Ride is that you may feel monotonous after half an hour of game play because of repetitions in events. A comparatively slow game for those who are used to play games like Temple Run or others.

There are 45 missions in total across three different areas. For all the platforms, the price of game is $0.99. You can download it from respective stores using links below:

[Download Link For iPhone / iPad][Download Link Android]

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