Keep Track of Game Using Basketball Manager App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

If you are in search of such an application which is required by a professional dedicated basketball fan then you are at a right place. Basketball Manager  is not only a comprehensive app but also is very cheap and affordable for users. You can have a chance to keep a track of basketball using this application and this kind of app will make you feel like a third party manager as the name indicates.

Basketball Managers

This app will allow you to record the player profile and events which take place during games. If you need to maintain the desired records of basketball game now there will be no requirement of paper and pen, just open up the iPhone or iPad and there you have a comprehensive application waiting for attention.

There are many other apps which are dedicated for the basketball fans. Top of the line is Basketball Rule Book but besides this you must have some of the apps on you iDevice such as iPS Basketball Scoreboard, 23 Ways to Destroy Your Defender, PlaybookBball-To Go Basketball and if you are NBA fan then NBA Game Time 2011-2012, NBA Game Time Courtside and College Basketball Scoreboard are also must have apps for you.

Everything that you need to keep track of a game, it’s all in Basketball Manager.
Record all that happens on the basketball court with the coach board, score chart, and player profile apps that Basketball Manager offers!
You can easily record every player’s performance and give instructions according to the coach board.
Also keep track of your players’ physical profiles and telephone numbers.
You can manage your player’s stats such as
– Statistics like a field goal, free throw, 3 points %
– Scoring, rebounds, assists, steals
You can be great head coach with Basketball manager managing team and directing team.

Basketball Manager Features:

– Keep track of all records during a basketball game
– Consult your coach board to give instructions to your players
– Save all players’ physical profiles and telephone numbers right in here
– Keep track of every player’s PPG
– Keep track of every player’s FG%
– Keep track of every player’s RPG
– Keep track of every player’s APG
– Keep track of every player’s SPG
– You don’t need paper board and market, you just need Basketball Manager

– technique-related information
– strategy-related information
– basketball ground rules

Leave your reviews and comments and see the game develop based on the feedback you give us! provides the best applications.


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Basketball Manager

Basketball Managers

Basketball Manager

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