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Man of Steel is a game based on superman movie with the same name in Jun 2013. The game for touch devices was expected to be launched on 14 June 2013, however it has been made available for iOS devices about a day before than expected. As we have told something about the game earlier the game is supported on all types of iOS devices.  Man of Steel features great graphics and memorable locations such as Smallville and the Kent Farm for the players.

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Man of Steel, no doubt is an action game so the focus will remain on fighting against the foes making use of some plethora of moves. The game has a combination of some great combos along with super powers. As the name of your hero is superman, so expect some flying related moves in this game with some extra ordinary powers. Also, you can attack the enemies, dodge and block their moves and  crush them using Superman’s super powers (flight, super speed and heat vision, to name a few). But don’t expect your enemies to be easy to go, if you are superman, your foes are going to give you a tough time. We have based all this information on the previews and trailers released by the developers, Warner Bros. The review of this game will follow soon after a couple of days. Update: Read Man of Steel Review.

As per the information we have till now Man of Steel will feature two modes i.e, Story and Survival modes. The modes include mini boss fights which are similar to those who are going to appear in the movie.

In short the game is going to be a lot of fun for Superman lovers especially. There have been instances in the past that games of super heroes were never remained restricted to the fans only but also captured a lot of customers from all over the market. We have based all these facts from trailers or the information given by Warner Bros. Meanwhile, if you trust, you can download this game for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices. The price of game for iPhone and iPod Touch users is $3.99 while iPad users can download Man of Steel HD version for the amount of $4.99. On the other hand price for Android users is common irrespective the type of device they are using.

Features of Man of Steel Game

There are some In App purchases in the game as well. Some other features which need to be highlighted over here are:

  • All new superman appearance.
  • 6 different suits for your hero.
  • Suits can also be upgraded to stop the enemy attacks and become truly unbeatable.
  • Master great bone-crunching combos, all with the swipe of a finger.

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