Marvel Pinball Review – Game Released For iPhone, iPad

Marvel Pinball was released on other consoles less mobile in year 2010 and was a blockbuster game among those. The game has been developed by Zen studios who have already released other similar kind of apps like Zen Pinball and some others but now the all new app Marvel Pinball is standalone actual game for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users.

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Marvel Pinball


For those who have no idea about the Marvel Pinball game, a word for them will define the story up to some extent that it is a game of skill with concentration and endurance which may take you down for hours. Marvel Pinball has a combination of super heroes in the form of tables of all time letting you provide with the ultimate video game experience. However the main characters include Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Blade, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Thor, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America, World War Hulk, The Infinity Gauntlet, Fear Itself and Civil War. In a sense you can say that Marvel Pinball is one of the best mix of comic books with modern gaming.

Marvel Pinball

The real challenge is to explore and find special events withing the game and it is incredibly rewarding when you do it. After a couple of hours you will be knowing fully in detail what to do and may find yourself hitting top scores at online leaderboards. The hottest thing about the game is that online rankings with multiplayer option for players. The initial release of Marvel Pinball download comes with Marvel’s The Avengers table. Other Marvel Pinball tables can be purchased via in-app purchases.

Marvel Pinball

The Avengers table features all six of the core Avengers featured in the film. While the normal ramps and bumpers are central to gameplay. Out of all these Civil War is comparatively much enjoyable and easier to follow. The Civil War table can be played from two different angles of the story, each with its own objective and story. World War Hulk – even for those who know nothing of the Planet Hulk story line, the game play central to this table is straightforward and fun. You do not need to be a comic nerd to get into the Catptain America’s table, although it might help you to be good at pinball. Like other Marvel Pinball tables, it contains another complex series of missions and quests to complete disguised as a pinball table. Also remember that you are going to tackle two of Captain America’s worst enemies, i.e Baron Zemo and Red Skull. Coming over to Fantastic Four table, it is also similar to the other Marvel Pinball tables, with almost all of the well known characters, including Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch, The Thing, The Invisible Woman, and Doctor Doom.

The premium tables are available for the price of $1.99 each through In App purchase. Premium tables include, X-Men, Civil Wars, Wolverine, Spider Man, Iron Man, Blade, Ghost Rider, Captain America etc. Marvel Pinball game has got all the potentials to become one of the top rated games on Apple App Store. There is no reason that users dislike this game. The app was long awaited once its launch was announced in the last year but it took a lot of time to come to this place. However, now the Marvel Pinball app is available for the price of $0.99 initially, a universal app for iPhone, iPad and is compatible with iOS 5.0 or above.

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