Best Mini Golf Games for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Brief History of Mini Golf

Miniature (Mini) Golf is played and liked by many people all over the World just because it adds some fun with some different rules for the players. Miniature golf is a novelty version of golf which is played with a putter and golf ball on a miniature course and may include obstacles like alleys, bridges, even tunnels. The first ever person to patent the game of Mini Golf was Garnet Carter which he named as  “Tom Thumb Golf” back in the year 1927. It was introduced to the World as playing golf with some different style. Mini Golf adds some fun for the players who really want to enjoy and are fed up of routine games. The game is played practically as well as on consoles including mobiles.

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Best Mini Golf Apps for iPhone and iPad

For golf lovers, we have another list of Best iOS Apps for PGA Tour Updates and if you want to play golf games there is another list of 10 Best Addictive Golf Games. Here we have compiled a list of some good Mini golf apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Out of many apps, selecting best one is very difficult that is why we have compiled this list based on user ratings:

Tiki Golf 2

Tiki Golf 2

Tiki golf 2 brings back the known character Tiki Bobby where he also brings his friends. This version of game includes some breath-taking graphics, beautiful golf courses bunch of unlock-able secret clubs, golf balls, Ramps, mega power boosts, giant dartboard targets, huge hammers, loop-de-loops, pipes, pineapples, massive tiki totems and much more to expect. There are 4 courses and 72 holes in the game. [Download Link]


Mini Touch Golf

Mini Touch Golf

A fun entertaining game with about 36 holes of game play for the players. The game seems promising but falls little than expectations. However, it is a great game including regular obstacles, water features, sand bunkers, ramps, pipes and moving items. At times you find themed location as well such as a haunted house, a space invader, a dinosaur they are also not imaginatively designed to impress. In short it is a fun game which a golf especially mini golf lover must have. [Download Link]

3D Beach Mini Golf HD (iPad Only)

3D Beach Mini Golf icon

The game is designed only for iPad owners. As the name indicates, you are at a beach to encounter sun and sand to make hole-in-ones, pars or birdies. The game will take you to amazing location with 3D effects to add more beauty while it is played in a casual style. In this game you will be tested for 3 different challenge types with 50 unique tracks. In most of the mini golf games, the matches are restricted to several self-created places but this game only takes you to a unique sandy beach area. A great game and must have for iPad users. [Download Link]

Tiki Golf HD

Tiki Golf HD icon

Tiki Golf is another great which introduced us with a new character named, Tiki Bobby. Actually you are Tiki as a player whose all gifts have been taken away by Tiki gods, Lone and Kahuna. You have to go through their worlds and prove your worth in extreme mini golf to earn them (your gifts) back. A fun game with little bit of story mode which is seldom found in sports related games. Also featuring, navigate jumps, bumps and humps in a wacky land of skill and thrills.[Download Link]

Tiki Golf HD

Mini Golf Game 3D (iPad Only)

Mini Golf Game 3D for iPad

A must have game if you are a golf lover for your iPad. This app allows you to choose one out of four control systems. Better one out of these is the default, “Power Flick”, because it allows you the most realistic mini golf experience. Other three control systems are also not bad, so they also deserve that you give them a shot. There are two modes of this game with four courses featuring different surfaces to play such as grass, ice, or sand.

The difference between these surfaces is only limited to appearance / surrounding locations you may hardly find any friction difference. Lack of traditional mini golf obstacles except a few ramps, water traps and limited number of courses with only nine holes are some of the grey areas of this game. Overall a good and must have game for those who own iPad. [Download Link]

Putt Putt Golf 3D & HD

Putt Putt Golf 3D icon

To play this game, you are not required to be a golf lover. It is all about the players who are in search of having some fun game app on  their devices. You may encounter several unexpected things during the game which makes it more interesting to play, such as water and the giant moving snail or that strange rotating cakes. There are multiple playing modes including quick play, pass & play, time trial, you can select any mode depending upon your mood. Putt Putt Golf 3D comes in separate versions for iPhone as well iPad. [Download Links iPhone, iPad]

Putt Putt Golf

Gatsby’s Golf

Gatsby's Golf

Gatsby’s Golf is the game which takes you back to 1920s. The game lets you enjoy the 3D fun with 3 game playing modes with 18 holes. You simply have to swipe the screen to aim, followed by hold and release the button to fire the ball. That’s all you need to do, the game’s real-world physics will take care of the rest. [Download Link]

Gatsby's Golf icon


Mini Touch Golf Holiday Edition

Mini Touch Golf Holiday Edition

This app was released as Christmas edition but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be played on routine days. Here you can putt your way through 18 holes, dodging candy canes, ice traps, and Christmas tree ornaments with a distracting flying Santa. [Download Link]

Mini Golf Dare

Mini Golf Dare

A huge game with lots of fun including 60 holes and 5 different themes. You are going to encounter 6 different types of challenges including stroke play, versus, close to hole, close to hole versus, beat par, inversed stroke play. This game is a universal app for iPhone as well as iPad. Graphics are not killer type hence included in the list of better rated apps due to its good features. [Download Link]

MiniGolf 3D HD

Mini Golf 3D

Mini Golf 3D is another great, featured, high rated game with progressive play having 54 holes spread across 3 levels of 18 holes each.

It is a highly customize-able game lets you to select yourself from 1 of 5 exciting characters. Each character has its own personality. All the levels are designed in such a way that it ensures maximum fun and replay-ability through multiple challenges including  moving & static obstacles, hazards, just like the real. If you want to enjoy the coolest 3D golf experience must grab this app from Apple App Store. [Download]

Cubicle Golf

cubicle golf

Have you ever thought of playing golf in your office. I have seen some people doing it during their leisure time. If you are a golf or mini golf lover and have a wish to ruin your office environment without physically doing it, this game is best suited for this purpose. Best thing about this game is that it’s easy to learn for a starter. A game with full 18 holes course, three club types and two control options whichever suits your style. The game is available separately for iPhone as well in HD version for iPad. [Download iPhone, iPad]

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