Plan the Game using Basketball Manager 11 App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Basketball Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is yet another addition in sports apps for the devices. Sports apps are very common among the fans and especially those which make the life of score keepers, managers and coaches much easier as compared to the time when same used to be done on piece of paper.

Basketball Manager 11

The quality of application matters a lot and lot depends upon the developer’s reputation. Secondly if the app is free of cost then rest assure that less importance has been given while its development while paid application is more emphasized. Another important point through which quality of app can be judged is that it is developed in both forms i.e for iPhone / iPod touch as well as iPad HD version.

Description of App on iTunes.

Basketball Manager 11 is coach’s clipboard app and it costs only 79 cents!
Basketball Manager 11 is completely new version of Basketball Manager 10.

It gives you a great opportunity to plan and show your team game tactics. You can place players and ball to the field and easily number the players, move them on the field and draw lines to show your team how to play.

A new thing in Basketball Manager 11 is sliding menu bars, which makes the field bigger than earlier.

Features of Basketball Manager 11:

– High quality graphics
– Easy to use menus
– Player numbers
– Drawing pen
– Add and remove players or balls
– In app instructions


*Using Menus*
– Tap twice with three fingers to see menus
– Tap and slide from the side to the center of the screen with two fingers to open menus
– To close a menu, tap and slide with two fingers from the center of screen to the menu


[Download Link iPhone / iPod Touch]

[Download Link iPad]

Now you can plan the employment of your team as a manager, coach or team captain making use of this app instead of using paper. If you are here then you must be fond of basketball and apps like Basketball Manager App, Basketball coach’s clipboard, PlaybookBball, Basketball Scoreboard By Dean Avanti and Basketball Rule Book can also draw your attention.

Basketball Manager 11

Basketball Manager 11

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