Plants vs Zombies 2 Game Review For iPhone, iPad

Plants vs. Zombies is a monster hit series was published for the first time on PC and Mac May 2009, and since that day has come to every platform imaginable from home consoles, handheld devices for mobile format / tablet. Pop-cap released the sequel to Plants vs Zombies for iOS, Plants vs Zombies 2. It is now available  to all the users of the App Store worldwide. It has the same addictive game play, strong art and background music. It provides you full-time amusement.  If you had played and loved the first Plants vs. Zombies, more than enough is right with this one to all but guarantee you’ll respond to it, too or got to love it. But the pleas for money and a few other small adjustments dilute an almost perfect casual gaming experience into one that’s just a little too much.

Plants vs Zombies 2


Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a game in which every single design element has been built around micro-transactions. Not necessarily mean that in a bad way, for example, believe that PopCap has spent more time balancing this game for players sure will continue to progress, but not spend a dime of your own money, then they actually do game. That’s a good thing in principle – it shows that developers do not want players to walk from the experience of having felt nickel and dimed. When things go wrong is the basic reality that it is so obvious that this game has been so carefully built around its monetization model, and because it is where did the energy development, the game itself has no soul.


The sequel will continue the fight between plants and zombies defend their brains invading your backyard. The company also plans to expand the game’s levels you were in the past and the future. The time travel in the game will allow you to meet the pirates and travels to ancient Egypt. In terms of actual gameplay, not all that much has changed. There are new towers like fire breathing dragon plants or click-to-detonate coconut cannons. There are sphinx zombies encased in hard shells, pirate zombies that send parrots to steal your plants, and many, many more types you’ll encounter along the way. More micro transactions pop up when the game says that you can buy “classic” plants from the last game. Some aren’t terribly useful like the Squash or the Snow Pea, but some are a few of the best plants from the original like the Jalapeno and Torchwood.

The game is being developed from scratch for touch devices and will touch new power-ups that allow you to interact both with plants and zombies directly.

People have found some flaws in this game as compare to the previous plants vs zombies which leads it to somehow disliking to this game. We have search and found some issues related the flaws of the game. They are given below.

Some Disadvantages And The Issuance Of  The Game

  1. It seems that you have to buy some plants. Prices are a bit high. However, you may be able to unlock those same plants throughout the game.
  2. One very out of fashion, however, references to in app purchases, while you play. They have to be removed because they lack class. You are there to play a game not be bothered to buy the game again and again.
  3. Personally, I think this game is as good for children as it could be. The store must have a password protection on it to stop kids from wandering there and see things that are not, causing hours complaining about his mom or dad. I know they can not spend money without the password from Apple, but the fact that they can get in there is a little worrying considering the price in some shopping.


However, Plants Vs. Zombies still have a fresh presentation. The humorous animations are fun to watch, and various types of zombies in the area remain funny. There are times when the slowdown comes into play (especially with blowguns triples), but it’s nothing you can not handle the game. Besides that, the camera is perfectly formatted for the iPhone, as you can see clearly all rows, so it will not surprise you zombies unexpectedly.

Our main complaint with Plants Vs. Zombies is that it is very good. Better than plants vs zombies 2 and nobody likes to pay all the  time to buy plants in order to proceed to the game. So strap on your steel pot helmet, grab some fertilizer: You have got some zombies to kill. The game is addictive not to mention a few hours to kill, it is gone before you know it.


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