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Do not think that this game is going to take you somewhere in Egypt and you have to play some shooting game inside the Pyramids. Rather focus on the second part of its name which makes its type very clear. Logo of the game also gives an idea that you might be roaming somewhere in the deserts but actually not, it is a simple cards game.

Pyramid ♠ Solitaire

To be very truthful this game is an ideal 0ne in the atmosphere where you have nothing to do. Plus you have to be a fond of playing cards especially Solitaire. Pyramid ♠ Solitaireis a single player game in which you can just sit back and have a relaxed time. But as the application is new on Apple App Store, therefore price is towards on a little higher side. Of course $2.99 opening price is not at all justified for a simple time pass game. I do not here mean to say at all that Pyramid ♠ Solitaire is not a worthy enough game to be played rather it enjoys good rating by the users.

Pyramid ♠ Solitaire is played in the similar fashion as analog version. Cards are placed in a pyramid shape facing upwards direction, and your task is to make them all vanish away. The simple point to be noted in the game is that the player has to combine the values of two cards whose total value add up to thirteen ( for example 5+8, 3+10, etc), in order to remove them, hence the game works on the principle of 13. A new draw through the pile helps you out but it can’t be reshuffled again, which means that unless you are extremely lucky it can become impossible and tough to win the game. I do not want to say that winning the game is not possible rather victory is possible, but not without a whole lot of failures along the way which means you have to try try again.

Don’t be fed up in the beginning but yes you can get monotonous after playing for sometime which makes it an ideal time pass app for card game fans. Do not expect too much extra from the Pyramid ♠ Solitaire Game as it is only a cards game. This background stuff should not otherwise matter you as far as game play is concerned, what matters is the price vs content ratio. But if you keep the price factor aside then it is a wonderful game. Also expect prices to fall down after sometime. Good news for iPad and iPad 2 users is that game is also available in HD version.

Features of the Pyramid ♠ Solitaire

• Large print high-definition graphics
• Intuitive game play
• 3 Game Center Achievements
• Game Center Leaderboard
• True-to-life card sound effects
• Fun winning animation
• Undo button with unlimited undos
• Mute button to disable sound effects
• Easy to understand instructions
• Play in landscape or portrait mode

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Pyramid ♠ Solitaire

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