Reckless Racing 2 Game Review for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Reckless Racing 2 was released on 2 February 2012 with a lot of hype created. We must admit that this game was worth this hype. Reckless Racing 2 is a true app based on racing genre and is a universal app for iPhone as well as for iPad.

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Well coming over to the game, Reckless Racing 2 is a track based game. Apparently this game does not give a shape of sequel from any side. The first part was completely based on Southern Theme which even included the music of same area. The most noticeable improvement which is seen at the first glance by any user especially one who has played first part, is ultimate graphics. I never mean to say that graphics of first part were not upto the standard but here they are like more tan clear. The thing which makes the game more beautiful is the smoke, quality of cars and smooth frame rate.

This game is purely towards racing style instead of something which forces you to roam and dodge out in the streets of city. So racing is all about choice which lets you select through a whole bunch of rally cars and even other type of cars also.

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If you remember powersliding in first game need they should be again happy to hear that, this feature is back again and better than before. Once you have mastered your skills, it becomes possible for a player to pull some powerslides in  the environment of massively undulating corners.

In the gameplay you have multiple type of modes such as quick race, career mode, Arcade, elimination mode and a few more. Out of all these modes the only thing which you would like is going to be career mode. Any game player wants to build up his career in this mode and there are certain type of attractions which make this mode more play worthy. You have to struggle and make till the end of game and then you can say that you have played so and so game. There is an option of earning more cash to get your car improved by playing Arcade mode.

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Among the games of previous version and this one I think the game play is almost the same if we compare them both critically. The only flaw in Reckless Racing 2 is that tracks are not memorable type although they offer good turns and everything. Tracks are not bad but actually they are not great enough and if we observe them critically they do not match with whole construction of such a great app. This is however a minutest of fault.

Reckless Racing 2

The only difference where I think, Reckless Racing 2 is going to take a lead over first part is its online playing option. You can play with three people online which has actually made part 2 better than the first one. There is no lag at all in the game as far as online option is concerned. If you are a true gamer then this is a must have game for you. There are a few InApp purchases like:

  1. Kickstarter Pack$0.99
  2. Small Pack$1.99
  3. Rock’n Roller Pack$9.99
  4. Massive Pack$3.99


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Reckless Racing 2

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