Best Scrabble Like Word Making Games for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Gone are those days, when we used to play games over the board with all accessories. I still remember that most of the times, many items from the board games were lost just due to negligence due to their large number. It means scrabble lovers always used to play their lovely game with some missing alphabets. The quantity of missing items reduced as the game used to become older.

In last decade we saw that there were many board games running smoothly on personal computers. But with the revolutionary introduction of tablets and smartphones, the dimension of everything is changing. You can now play a large number of games on your iPhone, iPad devices with friends over WiFi or online. If you are a fan of scrabble board then you must also be interested in other great word making games with more fun. These includes various types like scrabble apps, word checkers, dictionaries, scorecards and many more. All you need is fun and you can have a lot much fun with all these apps.

Best Word Making Scrabble Apps for iOS

Scrabble is a kind of addictive game since decades just because of the amount of fun carried with it. Now via iOS apps you can find many more addictive games like scrabble with various options for players.

SCRABBLE for iPad / iPhone


No doubt this is the best game among all others of the same type because it is actual scrabble. Secondly, the game which is designed for iPad only so you can get the exact feeling of board game. The game is updated on regular basis and designed by well known EA Games.

The developers have loaded the game with a lot of features for the players like In App chat between the players including emotions, a special tile rack app has been created for the iPhone users to hold their letters, game can be played single as well as with friends on Facebook over online and among the friends in same room over the WiFi. I tell you it will be a great fun for all those who like such games. If you do not own iPad, still you have an option to play the game over iPhone. But obviously it is more fun for iPad users. [Download Links, iPad, iPhone iPod]

Words With Friends

Words with Friends

Another great app which is much closer to scrabble with separate versions for iPad and iPhone. There is no doubt that iPad users will have an edge over the iPhone ones as far as the display quality is concerned but still the app is great for all with high rating at Apple App Store by users. The best thing which I like about this game is that you can play it cross platform as well, means that you can play with user having same app on Android. You will get notifications during the game when there is your turn. Words with Friends in recommended for players of all ages. [Download Link iPad, iPhone iPod]



AbbleDabble is a word transformation application with certain rules which makes it a better rated among other games. The game can be played in several modes, out of which two important are: one is classic style as the scrabble is played and the other one is Random Bonus Tile mode which includes some twist with a bonus tiles. The words which are formed perfectly will start glowing with green light while the others in process will not shine unless the word is complete. At a time 25 different games can be played with a total of 4 players. Important thing to be remembered is that there is no separate iPad version so users of tablet will have to resort to the compatible version of iPhone. [Download Link]



One of the best alternatives of Scrabble app as the game is really high rated and also with lots of features. There are different modes in the game to make it more interesting. Timer mode has all to do with timings of the game where you need to think fast in order to earn rewards within the game. Other important and interesting mode is Stacking tiles up to three layers which earns you even more than double word scores. Sounds interesting for those who have played scrabble like games before. Some other modes need to explored by you are Solitaire mode, Moving bonus squares, person-to-person mode and challenge yourself in leader board scores. The game can be played against the other player as well as against the computer.

Some other features which make the app elegant are, built-in dictionary, 4 online player modes, complete play history, comprehensive user stats, drop down tips, integrated morale booster and a 3D board. You have the option to purchase many items via    app’s gift shop but before upgrading anything you must buy ’tile cleaner’. Tile cleaner is important to clean your tiles so that they remain clean otherwise they will become dirty, remember it is one time purchase only. Board can be customized to a very beautiful layout easily with the help of same gift shop if you want. The application is universal so there wont be any compatibility issues. [Download]

WordMaster XL – Word Puzzle Solver

WordMaster XL

WordMaster XL helps you to complete those difficult crossword puzzles where there are few letters you unable to figure out. All you need is to just fill in the letters you know in the letter boxes, leaving blank spaces for missing letters followed by tap over Search button. The matching words will appear instantly allowing narrower options for the answer. WordMaster app has the ability which can also save you from losing a word game by making use of Anagram word finder.

The app can be used as a source for spellings check. If your device is connected to internet, you can also view word definitions from within the app over the web. The game is a universal app compatible for iPhone and iPad users. [Download Link]



This universal application is another great alternative to Scrabble. It is a simple multi-player puzzle game in which you can challenge friends or opponents and play in up to 30 separate games at a time. You have the option to chat with your opponent also. There is a classic twist in the scoring system of this game if you are tired of DW, TW, DL, TL etc scores on 15 X 15 board. Other features include, dictionaries in various languages and push notifications when someone has utilized his turn. [Download]


Wurldle icon

Wurdle is another great universal app for making words. This app can be a good alternative for scrabble lovers. You like scrabble but want some more fun with same kind of genre so this can bring you a little more entertainment. Game is played with pretty fast pace so players must keep up their wits about. You have the option of multiplayer with others, different grid sizes, shaking option if you cannot make more words, customizable display with different picture, timer setting and minimum word length restriction are the few great features which make this game worth trying. A great pass time for those who want to remain awake at any place. [Download]

Moxie 2

Moxie 2 icon

Moxie 2 is a highly addictive game with typical style of word making games. If you have a sleepless night or have to stay with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, this game is well enough to keep you busy with a lot of interest. You will be able to learn the game easily but at the same time it is really difficult to master it. The application is universal and is suitable for all those who like to play either word or strategy games.

Moxie 2 is loaded with a lot of interesting features for the players. The game is little more towards tricky side.  Initially you will be presented with 64 letters, but one at a time, which can be placed anywhere on three lines to form words up to six letters long. When each unique word is spelled, you are going to get a score based on the letters included in it, multiplied by the length of that word. If you spell one of the special “Moxie” words then get a big bonus. In case you place a letter and those letters do not form a word, you will lose 30 points. [Download]

Notable Apps Related to Scrabble

Scorecard for Word Games

Scorecard for word games

It is only a notable application dedicated for iPad and iPhone users who want to just organize their results either online or offline. If you are a crazy lover of word transformation games listed above, this scorecard is a notable app for game result records against opponents. The app is not a game actually but is kept under the category of games. Also it is a universal app compatible with iPhone and iPad. [Download]

Crossword Dictionary + Letterpress cheat

Crossword Dictionary

You know the importance of dictionary or checking of word while playing a word making game. Especially in case the game is running at a fast pace, you definitely require some assistance.This app makes cheats much easier than any other app. Here we have listed the best apps so out of all others we have notices this is the best one. You can search that by how many letters you need or by what letter the word is going to start with.

If for example, you need a 5 letter word that ends with a H, just type in “….H” and this app will list matching word. This app is a great assisting tool so you can go for it. Also remember that app is updated on regular basis so if there are few words missing, they will be added in next update. The app is highly rated and if you find any flaws in it, must give a feed back on iTunes app download page. [Download]

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