Send Real Kisses to your Loved One On iPhone, iPad with Valentine Kiss Card

As we know that Apple App Store has provided a lot many apps and opportunities for users of all kinds then romantic apps are not to be left out. You might have heard people talking about some of the special apps for such like occasion but I always used to wonder that what kind of apps these can be? Before I had no idea, I used to think that such like apps are only good for kids which can become a pass time.

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Just few years back we know that people used to send special kiss shaped SMS on through their cell phones to their loved ones and especially these kisses messages used to be on a rise on events like Valentines Day, Birthdays of someone special or even Wedding Anniversary.

Apple Apps have devised a new way which is really very colorful to send a real kiss to your loved one on all the special occasions. Using this application, you just need to some lipstick in whichever color you like (only if you are a female), enter in the app and select a preset greeting card, on whose seal you have to plant a kiss through screen of iPhone, iPod or iPad. The traces of your lips will be planted on your greeting card which is now ready to send.

Once he is going to receive the real impression of your lips on greeting card, through email, you can well imagine how desperate he will become to meet you. This can be done even if you are a guy as only seal is recorded and there is no requirement of lipstick as such but as make and type of this application suits for females only so as to send red hot kisses to their loved ones.

Description of Valentine kiss card

With a valentines kiss card you can send your loved one a
real kiss with your iphone.

Send one of our beautifully designed cards that say
“Happy Valentine’s Day… Ilove you” and seal it with a kiss!

Just kiss your iphone screen and send your boyfriend or girlfriend a real

Kisses can be sent by e-mail, or saved to your iphone.

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Valentines kiss card

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