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If you ask me which is the True Girl Game then my answer will be definitely, Social Girl. Its interface is so attractive that any girl especially of young age will be tilted towards it. Social Girl was launched in December 2011 but has gained a lot of popularity over past 1 month. Most of you might not have even heard about this game but as any app gains popularity, people start coming to know about the state of affairs.

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Social Girl is actually a social game based on the lives of females. Age limitation of this game is added only 4+ which seeems like a fault to me as the game is not only based on lives of girls but even on its features in Apple App Store you will find that ‘go on hottest dates with your boyfriend’. So in my point of view although game does not contain any explicit material but should be earmarked for at least kids more than 10 years of age. Also another reason is that there are a lot of InApp purchases and a kid of 5 years might not be knowing what is being done.

Social Girl

The focus of whole game revolves around the girl who has to make her Dream Man. This goal can be accomplished by completing certain value of customization like fashion criteria, looks and go out on dates. Fashion criteria is met by wearing one of the types of clothes out of Sporty, Hipster, Preppy, Rocker, and Girly. Dates also have levels in which you have to increase the amount of fashion to complete in a successful way.

Also once you have to go on several dates then you will have to raise the quality of fashion by spending more money and you have to take care of your reputation as well so hanging out with other girls will also become necessary. Once you meet all these goals then level is raised which results in unlocking of further clothes which can be used to raise level by wearing on dates.

Social Girl

Social circle between the girls needs to be increased in order to carryout more clique-type gatherings. You can interact with a new girl one at a time and then add them to ladder. The thing utilized in socializing is only your energy. As the game foes on the levels become more difficult to pass like in all games. You can imagine what type of difficulty can be faced in this game? The maximum difficulty is that levels take more time in unlocking.

Boring part of the game is that repetition can be found through out. You will find characters doing almost same things as others and when they interact with each other, same words are uttered. Most irritating part of the game is time taken to refill your energy which is in hours. If this time taken could be reduced then fun of the Social Girl could be further increased.

Social Girl


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Top In-App Purchases

  1. Handful of Diamonds$1.99
  2. Wallet full of Diamonds$4.99
  3. Handful of Coins$1.99
  4. Clutch full of Diamonds$9.99
  5. Wallet full of Coins$4.99
  6. Satchel full of Diamonds$24.99
  7. Clutch full of Coins$9.99
  8. Duffel bag full of Diamonds$99.99
  9. Tote Bag full of Diamonds$49.99
  10. Duffel bag full of Coins$99.99

This game is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch but also compatible with iPad . You can also have a look at some of the games like Tap Fish 2, Top 5 Free Games January 2012 and Blade of Darkness.

Social Girl

Social Girl

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