Best Speedometer iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad

This app forms part of utility category with some element of navigation added in it, but there is some fun or entertainment speedometer also. Generally whenever you are travelling in a car, you do not require a speedometer, however, when you are in some other mode of conveyance like, train or bus etc and want to know you speed these apps can be of great help in your smartphone. At times, you really need to know your speed while on the other hand this app can act as a fun tool as entertainment aid while travelling especially once there is nothing to do while travelling. I have seen some people using these speedometers if their cars are having faulty gadgets as most of these apps are even more accurate as compared to those in vehicles.

Keeping this thing aside, that what is the purpose of this application, we must know that on what principle this it works. The device is not connected to anything inside the vehicle you are travelling. The answer is simple, that all these speedometer apps make use of inbuilt GPS of the device you are using. So those users who are not having GPS in their devices can just relax and take a look at some other interesting apps like, Best Annotate PDF Reader Apps for iPad, Apps to Detect WiFi Hotspots and Must Have Broadband Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Best Speedometer Apps

Remember that all these apps are compatible only with the devices having inbuilt GPS. GPS is inbuilt in iPh0ne and iPad with 3G  or better but in iPad (WiFi only) and iPod Touch with no GPS cannot use any of these apps. Those who have other devices can take a look at Best Weather Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

 Fast, a Speedometer

Fast, a Speedometer

Fast is a perfect speedometer for noting up your speed while running, biking, skiing, snowboarding, driving, and racing in any style. It allows you to view your speed in both a digital as well as in a classic speedometer gauge. Fast can also track your top speed. [Download]

DMC Speedometer

DMC Speedometer

This Speedometer provides accurate speed digital format. Its has got a digital Display which uses your iPhone GPS receiver to show your current speed while traveling and you will be provided it in MPH (Miles Per Hour). [Download]

Speed PRO+

Speed PRO icon

Aim of all these apps is to provide you the speed maintaining. There are minor differences in features or display which makes some of them better than others. This app comes with a number of features out of which some are, it records your current route, auto Pause/Resume option, copy & save speedometer snapshots and share them on Facebook with friends. [Download]


SpeedSense icon

SpeedSense app gives your current speed, average speed, distance covered, altitude, direction etc. Speed Log feature on the bottom of the analog screen gives a graphical illustration of the speeds at which you’ve been travelling at so you can review the performance at the end. You can set speed limits of your choice and the speed warning alarms go off once the limit is breached. [Download]

Talking Speedometer

Talking Speedometer icon

The speedometer with voice is can be of much more importance as compared to plain one. This app allows you to set up a maximum speed, as soon as you reach the specified speed, and it will start “beeping” till the speed is lowered below the specified maximum. If you feel difficulty reading your cars speedometer while driving or even when jogging, this application is perfect for you. For miles and kilometers speed there are separate apps so you can select anyone out of them as per your convenience. [Download Links Kilometers, Miles]



 This app has several mode depending upon the type of transport you are using to move. Speed data making use of inbuilt GPS can be displayed in analogue or digital form whichever is selected. You can get the latest latitude / longitude information in km/h, mp/h or knots and even altitude in case travelling by air using this app. [Download]

Speedometer GPS+

Speedometer GPS+

In this app you can Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer. Also you can switch between Switch between mph or km/h mode. One of the best speedometer apps as its interface is better than others. There are several map modes such as Satellite, hybrid and standard. The app is based on the same GPS of your device. While track information includes start time, time elapsed, distance, average speed, maximum speed and altitude. [Download]

Speed Tracker. GPS Speedometer, HUD and Trip Computer

Speed Tracker

Speed Tracker is the most elegant and unique app with combination of GPS speedometer and a trip computer in just one package. Speed Tracker answers all eternal questions like, what is my speed, distance covered, time spent from work to home, how to share my trips with friends and relatives, number of features built-in. Speed Tracker helps you to gather all the necessary trip statistics. You just need to start the application and it will operate automatically to record your speed, time, distance, heading, elevation and much more. [Download]

Speedometer Speed Box

Speedometer Speed Box

Another great app, SpeedBox was one of the very early Speedometer Apps for the iPhone. A great refined app with beautiful interface for users. This shows that speed box has a great finish and is a quality application. This app is updated on regular basis thus addressing the issues and making improvements. It shows speed in KM, miles, knots, has got 9 9 analog and digital speedometers, shows altitude, digital compass and much more. [Download]

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