The Lost City Game Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

If you have played,  “The Secret of Grisly Manor” then rest assure that The Lost City is also from the same developer. But there is no need to be worried at all. We know that there was a problem of length in first game but I tell you as far as this part is concerned you will not have any problems. Those of you who are hesitant in purchasing this game by having an idea in mind of previous one, they should not worry and just go for it.

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Looking at the name of this game got my attention and I like playing such games in which some kind of exploration is involved. Now this game has got an excellent gameplay where you have to make your escape through a lost area. There are many items which need attention and exploration including solving of some puzzles in to the game. Best thing about this game is easy to use controls. This is a kind of game which has the ability of immersion to a great extent. Plus if you have been playing games of adventure genre then this can become your favorite app.

The Lost City

Once there are puzzles to solve everywhere which require keen attention then game response and loading time of screen should not be a problem which also does not exist makes the game more wonderful to play. At times you need to go back but it seems like a smooth process to switch between the various scenes. You would love to roam around in the beautiful area which is enhanced with good graphical standards, while solving these puzzles at the same time. Some of you who do not like games like Tomb Raider in which exploration is a basic unit, may not like the game. Otherwise such a smooth gameplay has already made this frustrating job simple for most of the people. For new players there is a system of hints to get some acquaintance from the game and also a journal for players which records all the events, so you do not need to memorize a lot many things.

As I have already mentioned that graphics and scenery of the game is ultimate part of it. Secondly the breathtaking Lost City areas are designed so clearly that they make me feel in a real fantasy World. It really becomes very difficult to find the flaw in sharpness of images which are close to nature. Even rain and snowfall also seem to be crystal clear. The most important thing which you can do with the game is to change season easily.

The Lost City

The worst part of this game was that there was almost no story at all which makes it a completely puzzle type of game with no interactions with outer world. Another thing is that despite the fact, it is a good game, you may not like to play it more than once. The major reason is more puzzles than game which may make it boring in second round. Also the series of events will be exactly the same in second play so there maybe no fun as there is no action at all which can change the things.

In comparison with the other game from the same developer, you will find it really hard to get rid of this game. Once the game will be more than half of its life, you would never like it to end. Of the game is of such a great quality about which  I do not even like to end then it must be given 4.8 out of 5 stars from my side. The Lost City doesn’t cost you much but is not a universal app for iPad but is only compatible with it.

The Lost City


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