Top 7 Best Basketball Scoreboard Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Whenever you plan to conduct some basketball tournament anywhere scoreboard is one of the important consideration. It costs too much and will add up to your expenses. But Apple App store has a solution which will not fall heavy on your pocket. Most of the people these days are in possession of iPad, iPhone or at least iPod Touch. There are some of the applications which are only compatible with iPad and particularly those are in HD graphics. All you require is to attch the iDevice with a huge TV set which ensures to act as scoreboard during the tournament.

Basketball Remote Scoreboard

Interestingly none of the app costs more than $5 so you can arrange this heavy equipment for a very low cost and save money for other purposes.

List of Basketball Scoreboard Apps for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

ESPN iScore Basketball Scorekeeper

ESPN iScore Basketball Scorekeeper icon

Some apps cannot be simply compared with others in any terms and this one is the example. If you are looking for a perfect app to get the real time updates from NBA matches then must go for this app. ESPN iScore Basketball is the easiest, most intuitive way to track a basketball game. With the #1 Basketball Scoring app for mobile devices, you can score youth games, college games and even professional games just like the pros. Just after this app there is a list of 7 best scoreboard apps Basketball for iPhone, iPad and iPod. iScore is a universal app with a price of $9.99 but is very comprehensive and loaded with almost all the desired features. [Download Link itunes]

Basketball Remote Scoreboard  by Point of no Return Studios

Basketball Remote ScoreboardThis application is designed to act as a scoreboard for basketball but at the same time has a capability to be transformed as scoreboard for any sport. You can try it for free also and the app has two versions where Paid application costs as low as $0.99. You can use the app for your iPhone or iPod touch and use it as a remote to control the scoreboard display on your iPad. Basketball remote Scoreboard is also compatible even with iPod Touch 1st generation.

Basketball Scoreboard By Dean Avanti

Basketball ScoreboardThis is another great application which is also compatible with all three platforms iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There is no HD version of this application dedicated for iPad but otherwise the app is recommended for basketball coaches. Price is Basketball scoreboard by Dean Avanti is just $1.99 which is a very reasonable one. This app lets you to take control of the game, with the power in your hands and when you want to score.

Ballers Basketball Stats, Clipboard, and Scorekeeper by E6 Technologies, LLC

Ballers Basketball Stats Clipboard and Scorekeeper

This is the best scoreboard application amongst all in my point of view. Ballers Basketball stats is available on Apple App Store for the price of just $3.99 in both iPhone/ iPod and iPad version. This application is loaded with a lot of features which is not only a basketball scoreboard but also acts as a kind of planner app. You can use this app to customize any type of game play and according to its developer, this app has so much that it should be illegal to use! Also there are many planned features which can be released any time such as sharing of data via bluetooth.

Hoopstats Basketball Scoring by Rare Software.

HoopStats Basketball Scoring

Hoopstats Basketball scoring is one of the most comprehensive scoring app dedicated for basketball fans. It allows coaches, statisticians, parents, and even fans to keep track of important player and team statistics for their favorite (and even opponents’) basketball teams. This is a must have app for basketball fans and lovers, available in both formats for iPhone / iPod as well as iPad HD for a price of $4.99.

Basketball Scoreboard By CJK Software LLC

Basketball scoreboard cjkThis is a classic scoreboard app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which can be used as a scoreboard of matches. There is an inbuilt stopwatch timer and easy to use interface. It is loaded with sufficient features for users. Cost of this app is $0.99 which is quite affordable, however there is no HD version separately for iPad but it does not mean that you cannot install it on your but the only problem will be with its pixels.

Basketball Scoreboard -Dejibo by GT.BLEDS

Basketball Scoreboard -DejiboThis app is once again a classical scoreboard compatible with both iPhone / iPod Touch and HD version for iPad in which game clock can be set to any time. Basketball Scoreboard Dejibo App has got very simple and easy interface which is user friendly for everyone. Price of this app is $1.99 which will not add too much burden on your pocket. Isn’t it great that you are having a full time basketball scoreboard right on your palm.

iPS Basketball Scoreboard By Robert Dea

iPS Basketball ScoreboardNo body gives free lunch is a famous saying which does not stand good here. This app iPS Basketball Scoreboard is free to use and has got very simple interface but at the same time it fulfills all your desires due to lot of required features. This app is only available for iPhone and iPod version but is also compatible with iPad.

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