Top Best Annotate PDF Reader Apps for iPad

Since the launch of first iPad, there are apps being released which make the device better day by day. Also most of these apps which come into consideration ensure utility and ease of use. Most of the users always focus on the apps which make your iPad a replica of laptop. Being a handy device, it is really easy to carry and really gets in competition with Laptops.

Best PDF Reader Apps for iPad and iPad 2

Now you must have arrived here to look for a better reader application for your iPad. Some of them are compatible with both iPhone and iPad being universal apps. Before proceeding to presentation I must admit that all the developers have really worked hard on their stuff and also these apps are selected as BEST ones out of all reader apps. So at times it becomes a tedious task for the writer to mark anyone better than others. Especially these reader apps have generally most of the points in common. But again there are pretty minor things which make one of the app stand out from others merely based on some notable quality issues.

GoodReader for iPad

GoodReader for iPad icon

Good reader for iPad is one of the top line and most used reader applications on iPad and iPad 2. It provides you every necessity which a reader app should have and this is the reason for its high rating on Apple App Store and also because  the way it handles huge PDF or text document files, manuals, books, magazines, and renderings of 100 mb and more with great speed. Another thing is the price value for the product you get which is the most economical among all. [Download Link iTunes]

PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad

PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad icon

Along with the friendly user interface of this app, some other important points like PDF scanner features, easy file download / upload, and powerful annotation tools, PDF Reader Pro has come out to be the most featured app and is  very cost-effective PDF solution for your tablet. The developer, YUYAO Software, keeps on adding new features to PDF Reader Pro which shows that they really care about the customers and also assures to make your investment one time only. [Download Link iTunes]

PDF Reader – iPad Premium Edition

PDF Reader - iPad Edition icon

This app, PDF Reader – iPad Edition is the perfect alternative for you to carry hard copy of important documents in your iPad or iPad 2. It also lets you share all your files anytime, anywhere with the obvious facility of providing you greatest mobile reading experience. With this app you are not going to face any file management on your tablet, because it is automatically done by this app. There is a vast variety of types of documents which can be seen making use of this application in affordable price. [Download Link iTunes]

iAnnotate PDF

iannotate icon

Another all in package for iPad and which provides you a unique reading experience. Once you start using this app, it really becomes difficult to find a single feature missing over here. Learning your way around this app may take some of your time, but it is also provided with a lot many helpful pop-up tips which make the first time use for you easier. It is the best application among all others in my point of view mostly because of the amount of features it provides. [Download Link iTunes]

PDF Connoisseur – Kdan Enterprise iPad Edition

PDF Connoisseur - Kdan Enterprise iPad Edition icon

This is again in the lists of most popular PDF reader applications for iPad and is recommended as must have app for you in case you want to read some documents. So what you can expect from this app, all standard features which are expected in a PDF reader app are found in it but the main reason for making it better is in the annotation. You can Select any block of text, underline or strike-out pieces as you need, apply highlight effects, add own drawings or notes and save for viewing later. Its interface is a simple one and easy to understand and navigate. All the are all very responsive there is no need to learn the app specifically.[Download Link iTunes]

PDF Expert – Fill forms, annotate PDFs

PDF Expert - Fill forms, annotate PDFs icon

It is also a very common app you will find because of its popularity among the users. There are a lot many features which make it a great work but the best feature of PDF Expert which I liked among all others is of the different notation options and huge variety with which one can edit the text for the same purpose. Besides having a freehand for editing the documents, you can also select blocks of text to highlight them the color of your choice as well. At times sharing or managing files between a PC or Mac and your iPad becomes an issue which results in sync & resync your iPad. [Download Link iTunes]

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  • Freek Sanders

    Hi Julia. Have you ever had a look at Easy Annotate? It’s the app I use for annotating, and really like it. Of course it allows highlighting and the likes, but what I really like is that I can view and annotate two PDFs at the same time.