Apple’s Official Weather App For iOS 7 Review

Apple had built in official weather apps in previous iOS version but it was generally disliked by users. Such apps forced the users to switch over to the third party apps for such like utilities. With the launch of iOS 7 beta versions, we have noticed that all new operating system carried a weather app but this time it is in a much better shape as compared to the older ones. Just after WWDC 2013, as there were many other topics discussed, new updated weather app for iOS 7 also remained under a lot of focus.

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Weather app ios 7

In short we can say that the new app for weather on iOS 7 has much improved form of presentation for the users. Now you have a lot of great visuals which can make a normal user satisfied with its performance. The best thing about new weather app is not only restricted to great graphical display but has also some detailed forecast information in it. This was a brief overview of new weather app for iOS 7 but now coming over to the real face. Actually the new application is almost Yahoo Weather app with only difference of name.

The live animation of the weather in this app is based on the location from where the user is using weather app to view information. If there is snow or rain, a live snow or rain animation appears behind the weather. Similarly, you find clouds floating through the screen, raindrops falling, and lightning will even strike if a thunderstorm is presently raging overhead. You can roam over to the different locations within the app just by swiping left or right while hourly weather forecasts are also available to view from within the app. If you want to get the weather report of multiple locations it can also be obtained by viewing it in a Passbook-style card layout. It is also useful if you have to check a number of different reports at the same time. Users can also switch between the Celsius or Fahrenheit scale from within the app, as per requirement.

The app is similar to Yahoo Weather app but it is not 100% same instead we should call it a copy of it. In Apple’s iOS 7 weather app, the salient features are animations depicting the current weather conditions, in addition, users can see the more details by tapping over temperature, showing humidity, chances of rain, wind speed and how the temperature actually feels like outside. There are some animations that make this application unique and different but overall it is a copy of Yahoo’s app.

Apple’s new weather app for iOS 7 relies on Yahoo weather for obtaining its data. Interestingly, the Yahoo weather app is still better than this one as it offers much more features. The improvement in it is actually the point of our concern. There are several other things in iOS 7 which have been welcomed by the users overall. If you take out the copy factor of this app from mind then it is also a great treat for Apple iOS devices users. For those users, who have not switched over to any third party app for weather so far are definitely going to be impressed with the stunning  surprise.

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